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Thread: Sauer 202 6.5 55

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    Sauer 202 6.5 55

    Got my fac back with a slot for sauer 202 in 6.5x55, Looking forward to Firing a few rounds on the range and reloading for this caliber.

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    Iwrch i have the 202 and find the safty great while its on your shoulder it cant get knocked off and the only time you put your finger in side the guard is when its time to cull an animal or time to finish. THE WORST SAFTY I HAVE FOUND IS ON THE brno every time you lift it to your shoulder to make confort while carrying, it catchs on every thing it passes and some times cocks to the fire position.
    Just an opinion but i am sure most with the sauers will be more than happy. The choice of calibre is a differnt matter it is spot on with out doubt the supreme all rounder.

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