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Thread: Good afternoon everyone

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    Good afternoon everyone

    Good afternoon all , having followed this forum for quite sometime now I have decided its time to join ,a lot of good info on here and and most if not all seem decent people.
    A short introduction from myself . A west Lothian lad been stalking only the last two years and have been bitten by the bug ! so a relative novice ,have been clay shooting and pheasant syndicates for the last 13 ,always been into fishing and have a general interest in all fieldsports I have a level 1 not enough experience yet to register for level 2 but I will get there eventually , have a couple of bits of land for stalking .I enjoy reading this forum and hopefully can contribute to this site now.
    Best regards to everyone

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    hi paul,

    also from w/lothian. welcome in mate.
    what rifle you got mate.
    got any good stories.

    atb frank

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    Hi Paul and welcome

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