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Thread: Sika Call

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    Sika Call

    Can anyone give me any advice on Sika calls and if you have had any success and if so whats a good one to buy?


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    Over several years I used a call made by Ed Sceery (I think) I cannot check the name just now as I lent it to a friend last year and have not got it back for this years rut yet. Essentially it is an Elk call but works superbly on Sika Stags. I bought it from Gregor McLeod in Tain. I know him well but at the time I thought he was taking the piss when he said that some of the stalkers he knows will only use it in forestry rides when there are 2 of them, so they can look in opposite directions as often they had been caught out by stags sneeking up behind them, such was the success of the call. I bought one anyway. He was correct. I have had tremendous success over the years with the call.

    I have seen the call working on stags we knew were there and watching them, also just walking round forestry roads blind blowing it occasionally and finding them stepping out to check, as well as having them charging at me through the trees on occasions. We had out of season licences at the time and I recall still having stags respond simply out of curiosity at the end of November/beginning December. What can sometimes happen though is young stags being spooked by it. On reflection it has always worked best with the more mature beats which I suppose makes sense.

    It is difficult to describe how to use it i.e. length of blow and pitch, but essentially the one I had employed the use of a reed in a rubber tube which was attached to the main body of the call. If you pinched it between your teeth you can alter the pitch when blowing. As you probably realise the stags normally call about 3 times, each call tapering off somewhat from the previous one. Just try and replicate it. I don't know if you are new to sika or not, if you are try and get some footage from utube on them calling. At distance it sounds like a whistle, close up however its like a scream and if caught unawares the pulse goes up by 100bpm!!!

    Calling Sika stags during the rut is without doubt the most exciting thing I have experienced in stalking.

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    Hi Jamross

    Many thanks for your reply. Yes I am new to Sika calling and sika deer, so new I have only ever seen one in the field. Its looks like I may be getting a share in a bit of land with quite a few on, so thought I would look into means of calling them. Have to say your post has certainly got me itching to 'get out there' as such and I shall endevour to find the call you suggested.

    Many thanks


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    Hi again Jamross I found the you recall which one it was ??


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    I use the primos jackrabbit and find it very effective for sika

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    I use one of these calls

    have used it for the last 5yrs very effective on the sika in the rut, it takes a while to it right but once you have it sussed its a great call.

    few lads i stalk with use the screery elk call, i saw one of them call a sika approx 800mtrs in out on the hill, he came running flat out to about 30yards.

    either of the calls will do the job.


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    From the website it appears to be the Ace 1 Special Elk Call. I have attached Gregors website details. Give him a bell and just explain what it is you are after. he is one of the most obliging blokes you could deal with. All I would add is that the success we had was in forestry with a fairly dense population of Sika. They may react differently in more open spaces with less numbers but you can only try. Let us know how you get on.

    R. Macleod Rifle Dealer, Tain

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    On reading the Sceery website it appears they claim that this call is to imitate an Elk cow/calf to draw in bulls. Ignore that when it comes to Sika. The call is almost identical to the stags whistling during the rut. If you hear hind's they generally sound more like a short shrill whistle, almost like a chirping sound. Again very difficult to describe but you will know exactly what I mean when you hear them as they run away from you!!!

    As the guys above say, there are others worth trying as well. I even saw a stalker with a home made one working well using a 6'' piece of garden hose with one of those peeper things from inside xmas party paper hooters (if you know what I'm on about) stuffed in the end.
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    Cheers for your replies guys ..and I can now confirm im not the only geezer on this site and others looking for bits of plastic to tempt deer into thinking im a threat or to make em randy...and at stupid-o-clock lol....I draw the line at blowing on the 30 metres of hose pipe in my garden though Jam seriously I will take what you have all said on board and if I eventually get the land...hope to report back with good results.

    Manyn thanks


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    I got a Sika seducer from Crow busters. The CrowMart Online Store, comes with a cd explaining the different calls.

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