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Thread: No sign of the rut

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    No sign of the rut

    Hi all just got back scotland charsphern dallmelington area. Saw a buck on the clear fell tryed a call the buck just walked in to the forest.See 22 deer all in all ,Does and does with kids non came or was intrested In the calls . The f#####g midges the little b######s i feel sorry for the deer. I tryed the thermocell on saterday night its the dogs bollox not a midge in the box all night its a pleasure not swatting the little F#####s all night Cheers Neil

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    I've been thinking of getting one of those Thermocell's. Nice to hear a good report on them, thirty quid well spent? I think I'll go for one before I'm up in Scotland in August.

    I wasn't far from Dalmellington three weeks ago, didn't see signs of the rutt, but certainly the bucks were territorial.

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    Called in two bucks last night.

    While going round my pheasant pens last night thought while on route i would give the Buttolo a shot, sat in a wood where i know a Doe has been and sarted calling, on the third session off calling doe came running in with a really good buck in tow (NO RIFLE). Went to another piece of ground before dark with my daughter, bumped a doe on route so i sat down and started calling, hey presto!! good buck appears out of bank of whinns and makes it way towards us, it then dissapears into Sitka plantation, started calling again and out he pops and comes storming towards us. Job done!! I would say the Rut is just starting here in the Borders.

    Pic of my daughter with deer, here job getting the blood for dogs to track with!
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    just came back from a weeks fishing in Pertshire, the roe are definatley rutting there saw numerous bucks all came running to the call saw one buck chassing and serving a doe.

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