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    Re : Women stalkers

    I remeber that i did a post on this forum about women stalkers when i first joined and that there were very few of us about and that some males were dead against this .its nice to see that some OH's have soften to the idea and has encouraged there better halfs to take it up when i first started stalking i found it very exciting and wanted to take it up more regually but found that my OH had different views he felt i was taking over his sport and was not at all happy so i decided not to do it again i was gutted but it was his enjoyment and i was not prepared to take that away from him over time i took a interest in stalking again but introduced myself into it slowly and now we in harmony with each other maybe some guys find it hard seeing there wives killing animals as to some they are gental creatures not killers.
    I have viewed a few different forums of late and found that more women are taking a interest and actually shooting deer it works great for me and my other half even though i shoot better deer than him but being involved means we both can manage the deer ( him on one bit of land and me on the other ) which has pleased the land owners as we have a range of munties, roe, fallow and red.

    So Mr B when do we get to see your better halfs pic of her first beast she may not only end up being a better stalker but she may be able to get you more stalking ground nothing like a pretty face to greet the land owner with and no Mr B you dressing up in drag will not work for you

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    Ladystalker, I wish that my mrs would get involved but the nearest she wants to get to stalking is cooking a venison casserole. A good casserole granted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy L
    Ladystalker, I wish that my mrs would get involved but the nearest she wants to get to stalking is cooking a venison casserole. A good casserole granted!
    Well Andy get her to work backwards start off with the casserole then next time get her to butcher the carcase then to skin it then to shoot it It may work then again it may not and you will end up cooking the casserole

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    my OH does not hav a problem going lamping,rabbiting sitting for a fox or anthing to do with shooting and wildfowling but will not come stalking as she hates to see them shot and thinks it's cruel , will not help me skin but will watch me do it and she will help me butcher and bag it all day long, even helps with making burgers and sausage , best of all she loves cooking it ,
    god i love my OH
    so does my belly

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    My better half wasn't keen on country sports at all when I met her but I soon educated her!
    She comes hawking with me sometimes,lamping and fishing once in a while but best of all she's a dab hand at preparing things ready for the oven and then creating wonderful meals out of what I bring home.
    What would I do without her?

    All the best,

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    As requested by Lady Stalker the two great loves of my life. Darinda my wife and my 6.5x55 Carl Gustaf Rifle.

    Darinda is an excellent shot with rifle and shotgun and shuts up a lot of the chaps at the range up when she starts shooting.

    She will come out stalking with me and helps butcher and prepare the carcass. She will even sit pulling the meat off the bones to feed our dogs. If she sat the DSC 2 test tomorrow she would pass with full marks. However getting her to pull the trigger on a beast is a real problem. We have decided to start on rats and squirrels and work our way up.
    The thing she most enjoys about stalking, is telling the girls at work the next day all the gorey details.

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    My good lady's done pretty much everything in the last 25years fishing/hawking/shotgun/.22 bunnies and in the last couple of years has started to hang around in the forest with me. She took her first Doe in the 06/07 season and several more in the last one, in fact she's a dabhand with my 7-08. Last weekend she beat the lot of us in Stag1933's pool shoot with a pals 6br, there was enough egg (on faces) going round to make a truck load of omlette....

    I'm bldy sure if you put most girlies behind a rifle they'll come out on top soon enough

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    My wife has just got her sgc and is taking a half gun on our pheasant shoot next season, although she shows no interest in shooting deer. she hates me shooting foxes as she believes they should be dealt with by the hunt. her experience with firearms includes using .223's and carrying sidearms in NI, Bosnia, Germany and Sierra leone.

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    My wife is a veggie and couldn't shoot at live quarry. She is a fine clay shot, and wipes my eye evry time now. Selected to shoot for Bucks ladies skeet team means she is often out at registered shoots when I'm out stalking. This is just great as it means neither one of us is clock watching and thinking "I should be at home by now". Lorrayne (Rainey) is a great cook, and there is no problem with the cooking of meat in our kitchen, provided I can make it look like it came straight from Tesco, i.e. cling filmed and clean. A little story:-

    When Rainey announced she was veggie to our friends who run a little trattoria in Italy the husband Fabrizio said he was shocked
    As he left the dining room he called to his wife in the kitchen "Lorrayne has stopped eating meat". Then with a backward glance and a cheeky grin he added "well not dead meat anyway"
    The dinner guests errupted with laughter, while the two of us just glowed. Now who said English humour was unique?

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    I`m hoping to get my partner out this coming season, not sure if she will be able to watch the final result though. She`s an animal welfare officer
    Managed to get her into fly fishing last year so its a start.

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