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Thread: red stag call

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    red stag call

    anyone use a red stag call during the rut? You see some videos on utube of hunting stag in NZ and the call has some effect,just wondering if anyone has used them here?

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    i think that will be a no then eh, Mo...

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    Yip i use call and called a big old boy out from the wood into the deer lawn,he was about to walk into cover again so gave him another toot and he came running towards the high seat "roaring his heed aff", bang!!!

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    imitating the roar seems to work fine
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    Cupping my hands over my mouth and imitating the roar always worked well for me.

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    Bit late on this one; but recently-ish out with a fellow using a fibreglass cone about the same size as if you cut the top 8" off a traffic cone. Wore it on a lanyard around his neck. Amazingly realistic noise.

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    Cut down coke, plastic bottles seemed to be the preferred item on Arran!
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    Any plastic bottle does the trick but you still need to make the right noise the bottle just makes it louder but don't over do the roaring and make sure your ready for the shot because they come fast and furious, shout out to stop them and take your shot ! Same as anything else right place right time no guarantees!

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