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Thread: Just a week too soon

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    Just a week too soon

    A mate called last night to see if I fancied a look out for a nice buck he has seen on his patch ( he owes me a favour ) ,out at 05:45 and within 5 mins saw a buck a youngster but he was not hanging about , so on we went and saw a couple of does. About half an hour later came to a clearing and was greeted by a huge Red Stag (6 pointer) about 80 yards away , totally unaware of us , we watched him for 5 mins as he meandered off .
    Carried on and saw a buck in the distance ( not the good one ) but could not get round to him , and that was that for today . Why oh why didnt he ask me next week !!!!!!!!!!!!
    With a bit of luck we might be out again soon
    ATB Brian

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    you just know he wont be there mate. they never are.
    stalked yesterday and seen three does all easy shots, bet when it comes they too will be a distant memory.

    hope i am wrong mate.


    ps C before you start dont go there ha ha frank

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