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Thread: Taxidermist - Central Scotland

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    Taxidermist - Central Scotland

    Does any body know a good taxidermist in Central / East Scotland to mount a Roebuck head - what's the going rate at the moment.

    Many thanks

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    Hi, don't know of a taxidermist in central/east Scotland. However, expect to pay 250 - 350 for an average mount and 400 plus for a top quality competition type mount. You get what you pay for in this game. Top trophy - requires Top taxidermy!

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    I am a syndicate member up there and it is quite simply the best value stalking available with some HUGE heads taken
    but the site is definitle worth a look. Tell him Nick told you to ring!

    Hmmm one post and an advert already If you want to pass on details try a PM to the member, not openly advertising other web sites and deer management companies.

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    Try George Jamieson at Crammond In Edinburgh his stuff is very good, i have a twelve point roe buck with him at the moment and his prices are as monarch quotes, but looking at Monarchs gallery you wouldn't go far wrong getting in contact with him.


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    Colin Scott Border taxidermy studio Hawick, does a first class job,will cost 350....400


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    George Jamieson at Cramond,

    Although I haven't yet used him he has been recommended to me by several folk. The old cic scorer Alan Alison told me he is the only person in this area he would recommend.


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