Hi guys,

Dont know about everyone else, but i had a great time over the 3 day gamefair. Good weather, good laugh and free booze.. Unfortunately i couldnt get to the BASC stand on Sat @ 1230 to meet others.. I did wonder how i would be able to tell another SD member though, are the T-shirts ready yet?

Its the first CLA ive been to in nigh on 10 years, so was good for me, the highlight or funny moment for me was managing to break a 1000 15' spey rod.. The guy stopped his selling pitch when it snapped!

I also had chance to talk to the RPA guys on the BDS stand and also Anglo and a few other custom rifle makers..

Did any other members meet up? I had the pleasure of meeting dovebob and seeing some of the amazing craftsmanship they were producing.