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Thread: Help and advice needed with Zeiss 3-12x56 Classic

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    Help and advice needed with Zeiss 3-12x56 Classic


    I have just bought a Zeiss Classic Diavari 3-12x56 illuminated (reticule 60, it is like a 4A with a small illuminated dot).

    This is my first expensive scope which I would like to use for deer stalking in the South (so woodland and field/hedgerow stalking) on a .243 Sako 85.

    The scope has the reticule in the first plane and I am having a number of issues with the scope:

    1. At magnifications 8-12 when I look at objects lets say closer than 40 yards the image and/or the reticule are not in focus. I understand that this is happening because the scope is parallax free at 100 yards and the depth of field of view decreases with high magnifications so because the reticule is at a different focal plane than the image, my eyes can’t focus on both when looking at objects significantly closer than 100 yards.

    2. Regardless of the magnification at distances below the 100 yard mark where the scope is parallax free, when I move my head the point of aim changes slightly. So in theory, unless I mount the rifle at exactly the same way every time and rest my head at exactly the same point on the stock, my accuracy will suffer when I am aiming lets say at 70 yards or less.

    Having played more than a grand for the scope I am concerned that it has a number of limitations.

    Is what have I described above normal for all scopes that do not have an adjustable objective?

    I am mindful of mounting the scope on the rifle and testing it out since I might send it back and I don’t want to scratch it. Do you think that the focusing and POA issues I have described, in a stalking situation are not really a problem?

    Any of you have used this or other Zeiss scopes and are you happy with them?

    Interestingly I have been comparing this scope with an MTC 10x44. Just before it gets dark the Zeiss is much better, but the MTC was only 150 with mounts!!!

    Your views and experiences will be greatly appreciated!

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    don't know who will be first to shove thier head above the parapet for this one mate, all i will say is for a bag a sand i wouldn't be putting up with that.

    good luck and i will watch an observe


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    I've got an older version of this and can't say I've experienced any practical problems with it. My only gripe is how the reticle gets thicker on the higher settings - I'd prefer it stayed the same throughout the range. Oh, and mine is a bit of a heavy beast! It'll be an ali one next time.

    Regarding your first question - just adjust the focusing ring on the occular lens if you feel it necessary (it works fine for me).

    On the second - I've used mine on a centrefire .22 and now on a .243. When I was re-zeroing it for the .243 a week ago, it was shooting virtually PoA between about 40 yards and 100yards, dropping 3" at 200yds. Shooting from sticks and benchrested made no difference.

    You say you're cautious about putting it on a rifle yet - so how do you know the PoA actually changes?

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    Hi Blaser,

    What I did to test for parrallax errors at different distances was to rest the scope on the window and then look at objects at different distances. Then I moved my head very slightly. At short distances the cross hairs move point on slightly different places on the object. Howerver, at 70 yards or more the crosshair would stay on the same spot regardless of me moving my head.

    The new version is certainly nice and light. I think just over 500 g.

    Thanks for your help.


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