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Thread: Howdy All

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    Howdy All

    Hi folks, I'm in the states (U.S.) and happened to run across your site while do some research online. I'm not really into deer hunting (or stalking) but have found some of your threads most helpful. I'm into sausage making/smoking and looking into starting a homebased business real soon. Cheers.

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    You may have to be patient. Not too many sausages on here!.
    I think quite a lot of members do smoke though.
    I like a nice Havanna.

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    One of the finest ways of utilising those all important lower yeilding cuts and the trimmings that has ever been invented is the humble sausage. A good sausage is a prize to be savoured.

    All to often they are seen as ways of getting paid for the crap that you would other wise have to throw away or feed the dogs.

    Hopefully you'll be able to share some of your recipes.

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