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Thread: Pneudart Promotional Video

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    Pneudart Promotional Video

    Hi guys,

    Anyone interested in Live Capture, Tranqillising rifles/pistols you may be interested in the following link.

    Regards to you all,

    (Jelen Deer Services)

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    An interesting video. Can you clarify what the legal requirements are to own this equipment.



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    Rifles, pistols, and even blowpipes (!!!!! ) are classified as S.5 Firearms - only in the UK is it treated the same as machine guns, Rapier missiles, etc. etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Rifles, pistols, and even blowpipes (!!!!! ) are classified as S.5 Firearms - only in the UK is it treated the same as machine guns, Rapier missiles, etc. etc.
    The Section five status is only really relevant to those selling them. As an owner and user they are entered on your FAC the same as any other firearm. JC

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    JC I didnt know that, I had been told as orion says that its a section 5.

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    I have made enquiries to get one and have been told a normal license holder cannot get one and I have to show good reason and then a sect (can't remeber what it is called) would be granted.

    Jelen Deer will surely tell us when he is next on.

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    To be honest, since co2 airguns were deregulated, there is a bit of a question mark over whether or not some dart rifles should be considered as air rifles and not entered on any FAC. I'm not sure about the whole Section 5 thing. My co2 dart rifle is simply on my FAC with all my other firearms and the Police are less interested in it than any others. Most see it as a veterinary tool rather than a weapon and the only problem comes if you get a muppet as an FEO who has watched too much James Bond and Day of the Jackyl! Obviously you need to have a reason/need to own one the same as any other firearm. The supply of tranquilising drugs has nothing to do with the Police, these require a veterinary prescription. I am by no means an expert but there is quite a lot more to tranquilising animals than just obtaining a dart rifle, I am the first to admit that I have got a lot to learn and may go on one of Mike's courses. JC
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    i would highly recommend Mikes courses!....i have done both his live capture and immobilisation course and his deer management course.
    There is indeed a hell of alot more involved with immobilisation (tranquilising) than just getting a dart gun!!!!.....
    Whilst working for that government agency who keep getting a load of grief over the wildboar in the forest of dean area i was directly involved with the live capture and immobilisation of the boar. And whilst the Aneasthetic used was very different and far safer than the one used on deer.....the actual darting was very similar, only distance and the fact that the boar was unable to move was different. The training i recieved on Mikes course not only held me in good stead to carry out this task, but was also more in depth and actually superior to the home office training!.



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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    JC I didnt know that, I had been told as orion says that its a section 5.
    Maybe I should have clarified things.

    As JC has indicated, they are classified within the broad category of S.5 Prohibited Weapons and prior to the 1997 Act users, as well as dealers, were required to obtain S.5 Authority from the Home Office - this generally made police treat them very seriously . However when the 1997 Act was implimented S.8 provided a general exemption for users to obtain a separate S.5 authority, although the equipment is still entered onto a Firearms Certificate and subject to any conditions in the same way as S.1 Firearms are. Good reason etc. still has to be justified in any application.

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