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Thread: I had some good news

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    I had some good news

    last night, got a phone call from Norman better known as Morena. To say that the year so far for our Norman has been interesting would be an understatement! His latest adventure involved ladies with long hair, but that is for him to tell.

    He has a bit of catching up to do, over 1000 e-mails were waiting for him But he is back, still above ground and going as strong as ever. So give him time to get settled and he will be answering all your veterinary questions again.


    He did tell me that he thought the web site was very "posh" now.
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Good to hear, his comments are always welcomed.

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    I think we should have plenty of tales at the next meeting of the Herefordshire/Shropshire chapter. He must have greatly improved his collection of animal bits on his travels.

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    Well its to late for me the dogs dead and the pups are on there last legs i just ate a roe deer that had a few lumps nothing to worrie about i now have MCD and started to bleed from every orifice.Failed my lev one and near bled to death after a nasty cut while out stalking. Welcome back morena

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