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Thread: don,t try this at home

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    don,t try this at home

    while in a rush ,take one roe back strap with the belly flank still attached leave to defrost on the kitchen counter, get home to find defrosted blood and ice running everywhere OH not impressed
    take 2 packets of sage and onion stuffing and and hot water as guide on box says
    one jar of sweetcorn relish
    smother thin coating of relish on belly flank then a light covering of stuffing on top of this, roll into a joint an wrap in foil , place in electric fan oven at 180-200 then after 1 hour check to see how things are going
    shock horror, foil has opened up the the roll has now unrolled itself i forgot to tie it up in a rush trying to please the OH
    ontop of this she was not best pleased at the mess from the prep stages and the amount of stuffing left over
    , can't please them all but i tried

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    Whoops, sounds like you had a good day their stone. I have to ask but what did cost you in the end, wrecking her kitchen like that mate lol

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    hi alled
    it actually cost me nothing in the end , as thistle her 12 month old lab bitch , managed to get hold of the joint while it was cooling down on the side board and pulled it off, including plate , breaking the plate and between thistle and my lab pup sika joint was no more,
    it smelt good whilst cooking
    so my OH paid for a takeaway,
    learn,t my lesson , never intrude in the kitchen only to do the dishes now and again

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    It would seem like you got away with it. Dogs have so many uses dont they. I think you have just added another reason to the list of why they are mans best friend. What is the flavour of sika like compared to the other species?

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    Sika is the name of Stone's Lab pup Alled! I don't think that even you would eat a puppy!

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    Never have to my knowledge and never would eat dog. Eaten snake, monkey, jellyfish and bambo. They were all interesting and actually quite nice. I am sure they will all be available at tescos soon lol

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    I've spanked a monkey Alled, a big smelly ginger one; does that count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    I've spanked a monkey Alled, a big smelly ginger one; does that count?
    but you are darkhaired
    not sure i want to know

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    At this rate with all these dicey comments by Mr B I will be on the Shrinks couch for the rest of my life cheers wolfy No in all seriousness I have eaten those things they were all actually quite nice Stone again we agree on something I am not sure I want to know what they got up to in the navy.

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    That's Royal Navy Alled you little monkey! Navy is the colour of the netball teams pants! What position did you play again?

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