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Thread: A big hello from the Humber

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    A big hello from the Humber

    Hi all,

    My name's Steve as you can probably guess from the username.

    The introduction asks me to put a little about myself, so here goes........I've been around shooting of all types my whole life. My old man was a keen stalker who went up to Arran most years and would always come home with a hind or two for me to butcher for him. That was his souvenir for me and, some might say oddly, I loved it!

    I have been out stalking with a good family friend many times but not for a while and have never had a kill myself. I've spent the last few years mainly shooting pigeon and rabbits for a few local farmers as funds have always been a barrier to getting into stalking. Anyway, things aren't quite as tight now so I recently put in for my FAC and it was granted last week, giving me access to my Dad's .270.

    First thing i'm planning to do is take the DSC 1 course, which is in March, and I intend to gleen all information I can from you lot before then!

    In the meantime I really want to hone my skills with the rifle before I start stalking any live quarry so it would be great to hear from anyone in my neck of the woods who might be able to offer me the use of land nearby so I can get some target practice under my belt. I have land available but it's a four hour drive up the road so not realistic to just pop out to squeeze off a few rounds.

    Also, if anyone would be kind enough to let me accompany them on a stalk i'd really appreciate the experience.

    Looking forward to getting involved.


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