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Thread: My first Buck

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    My first Buck

    Well guys, passed my DSC level 1 recently and through this site got in contact with CentralbeltStalker (Frank). I had been stalking before in an introductory course but never managed to stalk a deer before.
    Frank kindly invited me to his stalking land near Aberdeen and what an experience it was.
    Early start at 1am Saturday morning (usually just getting in from the pub ). Drove up to Aberdeen and got all our gear set up.
    Initially went into the high seat and sat for a couple of hours. Nothing much happening on his land but we did see some red hinds, a great looking red stag and a roe deer on the adjacent land.
    True to form, Frank says lets get down from the high seat and go back to the car for a coffee, on the way back to the car, what did we see, a great looking Roe doe nonchalently walking at the edge of the woodlands. Great to see.
    Anyway, got back to the vehicle and decided to do some walking.
    We started off on our walk and Frank spots a young Roe buck a fair distance away, he then said lets stalk the deer. The deer was about 260 metres away and Frank took charge of the stalk, telling me just to concentrate on the shot and he would worry about the deer.....easier said the done, I am sure my breathing rate started to increase about 100%!!
    Anyway after listening and watching Frank like a hawk telling me to stop and go movements we managed to get into about 130 metres into it. Frank got me ready for the shot in prone position, heart and breathing now starting to get even faster. Suddenly the Roe buck decided to start running towards us (he looked absolutely massive to me in the scope the closer and closer he came). The young buck came to about 40 metres away and realized something wasnt quite right so stopped. He looked at me direct into the scope but I wasnt confident in taking the shot, I wanted to see the whole body fully broadside. We thought he was about to run, when suddenly he turns fully broadside, stretched his neck a little futher then bang, I took the shot. The shot ended smack bang in the engine room area ( later inspection proved it to be a lung shot), he ran for about 20 metres and then fell down dead.
    Frank tells me it was a good cull buck as its called a murder buck. All in all extremely happy with the day and my first buck.
    Big thank you to Frank for all the guidance and help in helping me get my first buck (thanks for the Gralloch help as well ).

    Excellent day which I will never forget, thanks buddy.
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    well done mate you know it was my pleasure. it was a good day mate you did well. i am thrilled i was there for you to get your first deer mate but you did all the hard graft yourself. remember this one, its a day that will never leave you.

    well done mate

    has your memory came back as the stalk was flash from start to finish.


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    Well done to you both, and for a first buck a killer at that.
    good write up. and first of many I hope


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    Congratulations, a nice write up, I had my first buck recently and its great when it all comes together, nice one Tom

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    Great write up JD, well done on the buck and I hope to see many more reports in the future!

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    Great write up and nice buck. Very much like my first.

    All the best


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    Thumbs up Well done

    Congratulations on your first buck the first of many i expect and well done frank for making it happen

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    Cheers for all the comments guys, much appreciated and definitely a day never to forget....cheers again Frank, wish there was lots more guys in the stalking world like you to open this sport to newcomers .

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    Well done lads nice to see people enjoying there sport and helping others. What area were you in and was there any rutting activity on the ground. Roger will want to know.!

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    Well done lads,good to get a murder buck aswell.

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