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    My name is Ashley

    Have been interested in country pursuits for a number of years now. my main interest being deer stalking as like the stalking element. I use a 270 blaser which I find is an alround caliber.

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    Going by you sign in name and the fact that your called Ashley you must be Ashley Errington.

    Other wise known as Green Acre Supplies or UK Deer Management Services.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hi Ravi

    Not sure where we have met but not had anything to do with Green Acre supplies, did some work with Uk deer management services but not for a while now.

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    Hi Ashley

    I apologise.

    My mistake re Greenacre. Greenacre and UKDM are one and the same are they not?

    Hows the Go Deer Stalking business working out?

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    No apologie needed.

    They are 2 different companys both owned by the same person.

    Yeh the Go Deer Stalking is a new venture just starting out, setting up web site at the moment so hope all goes well.

    Do you do much stalking yourself?
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    Welcome to the forum. It might be worth contacting an administrator to discuss advertising and trade membership before posting links to commercial sites.


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    Quite a link for a non trade member.
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    Hi Ashley, welcome to the forum.

    As the others have said, to make it fair for our paying advertisers you need Trade Membership to advertise your site.

    all the best,


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