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Thread: Jack Hargreaves

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    Jack Hargreaves

    Here you go, real entertainment!

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    Great stuff, I recently rented the entire collection and enjoyed watching them all again. Jack was a great communicator and a fantastic respository for countryside knoweldge..

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    I can see him now, smoking his pipe, enjoying the Country side and taking his way of life into people's homes. bloody magic.

    I sharpened a pair of shears to the ones he was holding just last week!


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    I wonder what Old Jack would make of the likes of Johny Kingdom and Bill 'very' Oddy. He would most likely give them a whack around the back of the head with a mattock!

    I remember Jack talking about the mink running wild and the damage they cause. This was in the 1970's!

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    you have just got me in big trouble with this one mr b,just shouted the other half in to ask her if she could remember him and she said no then turned to leave the room thenbangshe tripped over the bloody mains cable to the i did the gentleman thing and helped her up she is ok just banged her toes and one foot.then to top it all i trod on her throbbing dead

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    i must say i hav never seen him before though i hav heard the name
    mind you we didn't hav tv in those days so most of my time was spent fishing or scrumping but i hav used those back breaking shears a bloody affair by all accounts , put to better use these days clipping the wing feathers on our poults when they arrive

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    Aye, them were the days lad, watchin old Jack in his shed explaining how things worked, bloody brilliant, but wouldn`t go down well nowadays with the kids, too many other things to think about like video games and who they are gonna rob next, plus the parents would stop em from watching it. Sorry about that, but it just makes me appreciate how lucky we were being brought up in that era.


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    I well remember Jack Hargreaves and the programme Out of Town. He was a great countryman, and I envied his lifestyle, which appeared to be free of stress and modern day concerns.

    It is not easy to find a similar lifestyle in these modern days, and its a pity we do not have such wonderful programmes such as this anymore.

    And NO I do not count Johnny Bloody Condom ( sorry Kingdom) or Bill idiotity or another one that annoys me Chris watch my lisp Packham as in the same league. None of them are countrymen, most of it comes from a script, and some of that is wrong!!! at the best of times.

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    Just saw this about Jack Hargreaves.

    As a young boy I remeber being fascinated at some of the Out of Town episodes. I remeber being glued to the one about ferreting.

    By coincidence and I was actually going to post a similar thread but my parents bought me 3 of the CD's for my birthday last.

    What is really interesting is that there are now some episodes which as a young boy would have found boring at the time which are now absolutely fascinating.

    One that comes to mind is how to make a traditional beehive (the ones you see in Winnie the Pooh etc) and also endurance horse riding in the New Forest and Jack opens but by talking about the art of cavalry and how a cavalry saddle was constructed so that the rider was in good shape after travelling long distances and so they would be in a fit condition to fight at the end of the journey.

    These are skills and traditions that are now logged on film and it makes for fascinating viewing.

    I will end up getting the entire series but I don't know if anyone has come across this but I was looking for the ferreting episode but according to amazon and the like this is not featured on any of the DVDs. Am i missing something - has anyone out there found this episode at all?



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