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Thread: How do you get a Roe trophy measured by CIC???

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    How do you get a Roe trophy measured by CIC???


    I have been stalking for two years now and am always hearing about medal heads. However i cant seem to find where you get the CIC measurment service (by post?) or how much it costs.

    I recently shot a nice 6 pointer not huge but might be a bronze??? I have attached a photo and would appreciate any opinions if it would be worth getting measured or not.


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    Look on I think Barry Martin is probably the nearest judge to you. Nice buck by the way and tastefully photographed too. JC

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    I just had mine measured at the CLA, I handed it in as soon as I got there and picked it up on the way out. If it does not make medal class then there is no charge, if it does then it costs 30 for the certificate and medal. I am sure they will be at the midland, i think its better to take it personally what with the post these days and the risk of damage. Good Luck!

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    First of all your head needs to be perfectly clean and dry and must be no less than 90 days dry. It will then need to be around the 470 +grm mark to make a chance at bronze that of coarse is uncut. Then look for your nearest cic judge who you will send your head to.If you take it to a game fair and the head in the cic judges opinion is not dry or ready in any way you will get charged full money for what they call a pre measurment. This will mean you need to do it all again at a cost to your self ,Not a great situation to be in. My advice is send it to there home address and if they feel it might not be ready they can leave it on there shed shelf cost 30 measurment and medal if done on the same day medal 20 if its donr seperate. PS BASC ALSO MEASURE HEADS AND THE CHARGE IS ONLY 15 DONE IN THE SAME WAY THAT GETS THE PAPER WORK AND THE MEDAL.

    CIC JUDGE Tony doby Walsh tel 01749343725

    BASC JUDGE Domonic Griffiths tel Contact David From BASC he is on this site.


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    Hi Choc

    Thanks for the info, I have cut and bleached my tropy already. I did a scull cap cut leaving the top half of the eye sockets. Does the weight that will be lost due to the shorter cut get taken into consideration when measuring?



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    Rob, What weight does it have now. Your cut will be taken into consideration when its judged. FM.

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    For a through the eye socket cut there are no additions at all and your trophy would need to weigh in at around 380+ grms they can be slightly lighter and make bronze but would need to hit full scores in all departments. best of luck ps if you have cut off to much scull there will be no add on and the weight will be lost. If you have a weight that will give you some idea if it worth sending. Or you could just get it done and use it as a yard stick for any future trophy,s

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    Hi Choc,

    Just weighed trophy it is 305 grms but i think i have lost out on 15 grms (ish) due to my cut (pic below) but it still would be short of bronze. never mind but now i now know what to judge my trophies by. Thanks for your advice and thanks to all other members who replied!

    Good Hunting!!!


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    It is good advice NOT to cut any scull prior to it being measured.
    An uncut scull complete with the top teeth etc has a statutory 90 grammes deducted.
    I shot a symetrical 8 pointer in the early 60s and it was measured by the now deceased old master, G.Kenneth Whitehead at 104.35 C.I.C. points.
    He told me that if I had not been so savage with the saw it would have been a Bronze.


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    The cut does look very high for a short nose cut. As Stag says, best leave them uncut, especially if it is going to be a borderline medal.

    Still, it is a very nice head and will look great on a wall.


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