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    looking for a moderator that will do both my 22.250 and 243 ... any suggestions ?

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    I have a T8 reflex which i use on my 22.250 and 243, bought from border gunroom (old town st boswells), speak to Ian or Sean, they will advice.

    ATB> Jimmy

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    Sean - not cheap.
    Suggest a screw on the end mod such as AU-S5. No bushes required.
    Rgds jcs
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    I used to have an S5 on my .25-06 - it was good for its length. I now have a Jet-Z which is even better. Shop around and you'll do a good deal.

    I also thought about the ASE, but heard some stories about them not being built to last. I'm sure someone will argue strongly against that (and they are very very light!) but I didn't have a problem with the weight of the Jet-Z and liked its solid feel.

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    I use a PES, wouldn't have another T8, they rot too easy

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    Sean not cheap !!!

    i am looking for another T8 as i switch between my 2 rifles 22/250 and 243.
    i phoned him on tuesday and was told by sean himself he would sell me a brand new one for 200 cash only sale...
    Tell me where you can get better than this for a new T8, Jackson Rifles the main distributor will sell to the public (not trade) for no less than 224.


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    for max attenuation get a big old T8. for shortest length get a T4.

    i've had jetz compact, jet z cqb, pes 12 - nothing comes close to the reflex ones in my opinion. i was very disappointed in all the others.

    if they rot, get another - i've seen lots taht rot at the welds, this is a fault and jacksons will replace. if they dont rot straight away, and you air them after use they generally last a long time. dont spray them with oil as this causes an emulsion to form which holds moisture, and causes rot.

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    the t8 imo are to big for what they do. the ase has a better db reading to it. and isnt like a coke can. mind each to there own i guess as we all like different things.

    i no where there is a like new s5 ase for 175 pound if your interested it will do a cracking job on your 22/250 and 243

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    i have just got a Jtec Ranger from a Jager SA on here a sub 200 pound Mod that dose the job

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    my ase does my 223 and 243

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