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Thread: zeiss diatal 8 x56 ? no 4 ret ..... opinions ?

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    zeiss diatal 8 x56 ? no 4 ret ..... opinions ?

    zeiss 8x 56 diatal ..... opinions.. ? have heardb the cross hairs are a tad thick for long range smaller targets ??????

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    The n4 is perfect for me and one of the best around I think. I am 44 and my eyes aren't as good as they were 6/7 years ago. Last november I used my friends scope/rifle in the UK with a Nightforce scope on it. In low light I had BIG problems seeing the reticle. He also had a rifle with a Swarovski 8x50 and n4 reticle. No problems there.
    When you buy a quality scope it should be for 20/30 years at least. Eyes don't improve with age.

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    Perfect for general stalking. If you really want to do long range, small targets then I think you need a bit more magnification and a thinner, or at least different, reticule but everything is a compremise. One thing is for sure; go for quality over spec everytime. JC

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    I have had an 8x56 swarwoski for the last 3 years with the 4A recticule and its been perfect however I recently upgraded rifle no 2 so had also been thinking long and hard about what scope to purchase. I settled in the end on the 7x50 Zeiss diatal classic with an illuminated recticle. Well impressed with it and can't wait to zero up and go out for some munties. FYI got at a bargain price at the Game Fair off William Powells who still seem to be selling them at the 2008 price of 648 (2010 price on Sportsman is 840!). Haggled and got for 640 and was then given a voucher for 75 to spend in the store! Result!!

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    I have had this exact same scope on my .243 for the last 5 years and quite frankly its perfect! I use it to shoot everything from deer, foxes under the lamp and long range vermin. Another benefit, they seem to be as near as bomb proof as a scope could be, mine hasnt by any means had an easy life and it has never lost zero. To answer your question about the no.4 ret, I have never found the problems that you are concerned about with regards to use at long range and i would highly recommend this scope to anyone!!

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