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Thread: whats the worst thing thats happened

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    whats the worst thing thats happened

    whats the worst thing thats happened to you when out stalking?? mine is a few months ago was out stalking with range master and midgies were killing me so before dusk headed back to jeep to find my remote wouldnt open doors so after a good wile trying to sort it out ended up having to smash glass so muggins here smashed smallest 1/4 lite in rear door stuck hand in and couldnt open rear door as no realese button then ended up having to smash big d/side window just to get in.. when i got home pressed remote and the bloody thing locked the doors pressed it again & it opened them so was fuming.. next day rang auto glass and they said for the price of the smallest glass wich i didnt have to smash it would have been cheeper to smash every window in the vehicle than to replace the wee 1 .... so can anyone out their beat that?????

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    I read or heard somewhere that 40% of AA/RAC callouts are to central locking/imobiliser issues, 40% are to flat tyres where the owner is unable or can't be bothered to fit the spare and the rest are to breakdowns, accidents and people that have run out of fuel. I had a similar situation with being locked out of my car deep in the forest, I decided to chill out for ten mins and try again and it opened first time! JC

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    my son is a radio ham and we had just parked in a shopping centre, A couple parked a few bays away and my son said watch this, as the chap went to lock his car my son pressed the ptt on his radio and it disabled the cars locking system. it seems that the locking frequence is close to the amature radio band and a transmitter in the area can swamp the key fob signal, so do as JC did wait a while. Cheers Geoff

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    I had someone else smash my windows for me!
    Just curious though - why didn't you use the key to open the door??!!

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    yes the frequencie we use on the ham bands are the same as the key fobs, there is so many different things that use the ham bands be it military, low powered devices, etc etc the freq in question is 433.100mhz.

    it is quite comical doing it in car parks, always worth a laugh

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    One of the worst things that i have done and i suppose we have all done it is.I got up at 2.30 am drove to my stalking for an hour . Got there only to find i had left my bolt of my rifle behind ! I decided to have a walk around without the rifle ,looking down aride at 60m the biggest Fallow buck i have ever seen on that ground. I also have a friend i stalk with ,we drove 4 hours for a weekend stalk , Only to find he had a .308 rifle and .243 ammo i couldnt help as i had a65x55 . As they say s--t happens .

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    The worst think recently is when my stalking friend locked himself out of his 4x4,I was out in the forest stalking a deer and suddenly i get a call from the baffoon screaming help,this scared the deer off ,so off i went back to where the 4x4 was parked ,as I got to within a few hundred yards, I witnessed this crazed man smashing up the pickup ,I shouted stop vandalising that vehicle, no answer, ,I sneaked forward to within 50 yards realised this crazed man was non other than my friendly stalking mate,he must have took one of them outer body experience things he wasnt himself,he was sweating, panting, blood on his hands,rocks all over the place,he had smashed the windows in his 4x4 he was shouting and screaming and i think he had pissed himself but I didnt want to comment on that one

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    sounds like your mate shouldn't be in posetion of fire arms if he can get in that sort of state.

    Might sound Harsh but..........


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    Sounds like a scene from fawlty towers being re enacted.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilishdave View Post
    sounds like your mate shouldn't be in posetion of fire arms if he can get in that sort of state.

    Might sound Harsh but..........

    Are you being serious?my mate is the most safest person with a firearm stalked with him 100s of times where is your sence of humour it was exaggerated obviously

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