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    deer calls

    hi all, do any of you guys know of a website where i can listen to some roe calls, having never tried to call roe it would be nice to hear what sort of noises I`m sposed to me making also it may just help to explain to my 3 year old why daddy is walking round the house blowing on a twig and making noises like he just trod on a frog.

    many thanks Matt

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    try youtube,

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    Have a look on this site at a post Wayne Davies put on "Andys Buck" it will start you off it was working for them.


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    As already said, Youtube has some examples, although you don't need to splash out on a set of expensive continental dodads to get a result.

    Just this morning I called a buck into within 30 metres of where the dog and I were standing on a woodland ride using a blade of grass stretched between my thumbs - just watching not shooting today! It'll work provided you don't blow too hard and make it screech like a rabbit in distress.

    Hollowed out wooden clothes pegs with a piece of hard plastic film 'reed' held in place by rubber bands makes an acceptable and more permanent call as well.

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    yep youtube is the boy, the bees nd knees

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    I would go with a wee bit of youtube research myself

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