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Thread: Hello from Aberdeenshire

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    Hello from Aberdeenshire

    Hi everyone,

    I have lurked and dipped in and out for a while, decided I like the content and tone so here I am. I am based in Aberdeenshire, about 30 miles north of Aberdeen itself. I am an active target shooter, and have been stalking roe with varying degrees of sucess for a number of years. I hold DSC Level 1, and currently have a woodland permission near Inverurie. My background is in aircraft maintenance although I now work in the oil & gas support industry.

    My interests include dogs, in particular Labradors. I have tried a couple of game bird syndicate seasons but it's not for me, I much prefer rifles to shotguns and the formalities and control of a sporting bird day don't appeal. My current stalking rifle is a Tikka 595 in .243 Winchester, I have just bought another in 6.5 x 55 Swedish for range use and hopefully some of the bigger deer. I have a 1916 Carl Gustav Swedish Model 1898 Mauser in this calibre that I shoot in vintage/classic military rifle competition, I appreciate the lack of recoil and accuracy.

    Nice to be on board, it will be interesting to hear from anyone in this neck of the woods.



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    welcome aboard martin i do alot or stalking around your neck of the woods from crathie right up to banchory mainly roe but some or my ground has reds on it.


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    Welcome to the board, are you a bowler by any chance,

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    Hi Jim,

    Sorry, I'm not a bowler. I have tried 10 pin once or twice, it's a fun night out with the troops from work but that's the extent of my experience.


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    Hi Martin and welcome.

    Been up to Aberdeenshire a good few times after Geese and there seems to be plenty good Roe in your area.

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    Hi Martin

    Which companies in Aberdeen did you work for, am also an Aircraft Engineer.

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    Hi fella.About 20 miles north of you.Nice to see someone local.Dave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wapinschaw View Post
    Hi Jim,

    Sorry, I'm not a bowler. I have tried 10 pin once or twice, it's a fun night out with the troops from work but that's the extent of my experience.

    Just wondered, wappenshaw is a lawn bowling term. I see from google your spelling is shooting related, Jim

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    hi martin
    just south of a/deen good to have you on board

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    Hi Martin,

    I am in the west end of Aberdeen and stalk in the Shire near Alford and Banchory. Rather nice to have a few SD members in this neck of the woods.

    Are you in the Aberdeen Full Bore club and if so will no doubt meet up at Drums ?


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