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    I thought i'd re-introduce myself....joined a wee while ago but havent posted in a while.

    Based in Ayrshire and passed my DSC level 1 in April...looking to stalk some more, get plenty of experience before undertaking DSC 2.

    All my Stalking experience [15 years plus] is shooting Highland Reds up in Sutherland so looking for some more variation, and something closer to home.

    Currently on the look out for Stalking Syndicate opportunities in Ayrshire.

    Nice to meet you all [again] and happy stalking.

    Any leads that would be great.

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    Welcome Cube.

    Me and a couple more guys are also on the lookout for additional stalkig ground but it is unlikely to be Ayrshire - more probable Stirling/Perthshire. Keep in touch.

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