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Thread: Help me choose a sound mod for 6.5x55

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    Help me choose a sound mod for 6.5x55

    Right well my variation has come through for my 6.5x55 i i know that i want to get a tikka t3 s/s in that caliber but i don't know what mod to put on it. I want it to be fairly small and light and preferably not a long over barrel although it may be considered. So what are the pros and cons of different mods and what do you all use?


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    As per my gallery, I like the AU-S5. One mod, just screw it on to whichever rifle I am taking out when arrive at where I am going to shoot/stalk. No bushes, no bits to lose. I had a T8 on my Mannlicher Pro-Hunter in 260 Rem. Shot much better after I changed to the AU-S5.



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    "Help me choose a sound mod for 6.5x55 "

    I'm free Wednesday!


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    I bought one made by a gunshop in Herts - Country Pursuits in Rickmansworth. Its a long way from you but maybe worth a call. it is a simple end of the barrel mod, fully strippable, which is about 6" long, 1.5" diameter and weighs 450g. it cost me about 130, half of anything similar and everyone I shoot with comments on how quiet it is.

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    I have a T3 hunter in the same calibre with a T8 on the end I find it balances well on sticks and does what its meant to do.

    Just noticed you wanted, small, light and not a long over the barrel.

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