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Thread: scope recomendations for a sako quad

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    scope recomendations for a sako quad

    Gents after years of not using a .22lr i recently treated my self to a sako quad, the main reason bieng i needed one to take the measurements off so we can make a chassis like the AICS for it,. but after fiddling about with the rifle, ive sort of taken to it and ended up chopping the barrel back 6" and threading it M18x1.5 and replacing the bolt handle and machining a picatinny rail to fit, now its about time i got around to shooting it, especialy noticing the amount of rabbits back on the farm in E.Yorks.

    So i'm looking to scope the beast.. what i want to do is some long range subsonic rabbiting.
    I used to use a 6.5-20x42 EFR Leupold, with target turrets on my CZ.
    Now most of the lads who use a .22 here either shoot rabbits in the cemetary or pigeons in the garden and have 6x42 cheapo scopes on them.

    rimfire isn't so popular here.

    I suppose i could swap one of my PMII's across, but an thinking about a dedicated scope
    for the rifle and am sure that there are few on the market in the UK that we never see here, what do you suggest for a scope for the quad. I want a reticle that I can range with. adjustable turrets,

    thanks for any ideas.

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    Hi Pete,

    I use a Leupold 4.5 - 14 x 50 on my Quad. You can pick up a vari x iii for a fair price and it will do for the long range bunny bashing.

    I changed the barel out on mine for a .17hmr which has proved to be far better at the long range rabbits then the .22LR but it can still be used of course with some dealy effect.

    However another possible is teh Burris Fullfield ii 3 -9 x 40 Sako Quad Rifle Scope. Which has 4 rings and can be used to set zero for each of the barrels or for zero at different ranges.. Currently 339 at uttings

    Maybe worth a look



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    i have a zeiss 6x42 on my quad. i have read some bad reviews of the burris quad scope so you should give it a good googling.

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    I have a sako quad with all four barrels.
    I use a Leupold 6.5-20x40 Varmint reticule for the .17 rounds and a cheap walther 4-9x40IR for the .22LR (I dont use the .22Mag) have my eyes on another Leupold in similar sub 10x mag for the .22.

    quick release mounts are essential in my opinion. I had these made up and they return to zero (or at least as close to zero as I will ever be bothered to shoot!). based on Leupold gumakers bases. full write up here

    2 shots with red crosses, barrel and scope off, 2 more shots inside the first two at 50yds off a tree stump firing point

    Dont touch the Burris. the optics are crap, the materials are crap and the you will be buying another one as soon as you find this out first hand.

    just out of interest where did you get your bolt? I tried to buy a bolt and billet trigger guard here: but they dont do international!

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    I've been a big fan of Minox binos on the basis that they offer a lot of performance for the money. They have now got a range of scopes on the market. I've never seen one but it might be a name worth looking into. If the glass is as good as their binos then it will be up there with the best but the prices were reasonable.

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    MTC viper, mamba or taipan are worth a look.
    Good quality japanes optics with a very usefull balistic ret designed for rimmy's. Customer service is superb, Garry and co are at the end of the phone to help with any questions or queries.
    I've had a couple of vipers and found them great.
    MTC Optics Home Page - Riflescopes for the UK

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    I have a leupy 4.5-14x56 VXL varmint reticule mounted on my 17hmr and it suits the caliber well, it mounts really low which is a bonus and the reticule is the balistic type which is great for hold over and windage, although designed for use on centre fire adapts well to the rimfire i would think it would be just as at home on a .22lr,might be a bit over the top but i think its worth it.

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    I used my varmint reticuled 6-20x40 leupold on my 22 and it works well.
    only changed as I wanted a lower mag and IR scope for sub 100yd silenced rabbit shooting in the dusk/dark

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