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    roe mount

    need a little help,due to pick up roe mount on the weekend and i'm not sure how to have it mounted,ie on a shield or straight to the wall,as it's a gold medal i was thinking a sheild with the medal at the bottom,but the taxidermist thinks it will look better flat to the wall,so opinions and pics welcome,thanks for your help
    atb Paul
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    I have one in my gallery, I think the fact it has made gold that it should be treated as such and fitting with a shield I think is a good finish to a special tropphy

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    Thats a great looking mount Salmo Salar, if I'm lucky enough to get a medal head I think I'll do the same.

    Here's a clicky to Salmo Salar's roe deer: roe deer mount

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Hi Paul
    Heres a couple on shields to look at.


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    thanks for the replies,i think looking at the pics i'll go with the shield with the medal indent,and post a pic when he's done
    atb paul

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    picked him up today,very pleased with how he turned out,

    atb paul

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