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Thread: Road kill buck head

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    Road kill buck head


    been given a head from someone from a road traffic accident.
    although i am happy to boil cut and mount it i have not done a repair.
    it has scrapes on both sides and is discoloured by the rain and environment.
    i know it may need a wee sand down to take roughness out of it but what is the best way to restore its colour.

    thanks in advance lads,

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    I use the 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide got from ebay for the skulls, it brings them up very white but you need to use with care! I know bushware do an antler stain, I've used this on the antlers of a skull I boiled for a bit too long and it turned them white! Used carefully it does a great job on them, very natural.

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    Scott C that stuff from bushware is expencive for what it is just get a bit of linseed and burnt umber cost 20p

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    Staining antlers

    If you want to stain any bleached antlers the real stuff to use is Permangenate of Potash. They are purple crystals which you can mix with water. Apply with a brush and it will stain the antler the brown colour you desire. Remember you can apply several coats to build up the depth of colour, and to leave the tips white.

    Believe me you will not be able to tell the difference from a real pair of stained antlers and the method above, if done properly.

    After looking after a very large collection and working on many museum specimens over 37 years it is the best method. You can use linseed oil afterwards to give the antlers some lustre as well.



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    Further to what Malc said, Permanganate of Potash is available cheaply from the chemist as Potassium Permanganate and also from various aquatic/pond stores.

    p.s. never let it mix with antifreeze or anything with glycerol in!

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    potassium permanganate will also stain your nails & skin brown, on a temporary basis for about 5 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    p.s. never let it mix with antifreeze or anything with glycerol in!
    Why Alex?? Does it go bang??



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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick A View Post
    Why Alex?? Does it go bang??


    In a confined vessel, yes. Apparently.

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    Van Dyke crystals, as used by some taxidermists. They are made from walnut shells, are water soluble and are used to stain wood. Again, you could not tell the difference.

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    hydrogen Peroxide for the skull and black or brown boot polish for the horn.
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