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Thread: Thumbs up for Swarovski (again!).

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    Thumbs up for Swarovski (again!).

    I've previously had excellent results from Swarovski customer service after splitting an eye piece on a pair of SLs - FOC replacement and a cleaning kit included - now I've just heard back from them after losing the panning handle from my spotting scope tripod.

    Despite being totally my fault, another FOC replacement will be on it's way to me soon.

    Whilst their products may come with a high price tag, they really do know about aftersales customer care.

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    Same experience here. Swarovski seem to be going from strength to strength in all areas and Zeiss seem to be falling behind. JC

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    Zeiss, Leica and all the rest have never been close to Swarovski regarding customer care... i have damaged a few or their products and a call to their office fixes the problem by next day post and when i sent them the piece they repair better than new... i applaud firms like this but they are still rare.

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    Interestingly, Leica were very quick off the blocks with a FOC replacement for the eye-cup I lost off my binoculars.

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    Swarovski also looked after me well... I had a swarf in my new Z6i, which to be honest speaking to people who have been selling Swaro's for years are extremely rare in them... I sent my scope to them it returned 12 days later in plastic all cleaned and polished like new...

    However speaking to a Swarovski Dealer who also deals with Leica, he suggested that Leica have realised where they need to improve with customer service and he now has a new pair of binos and should someone have to send their Leica's back for repair he can loan these out... So at least they are aware of these issues...


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    It would have been nice for Leica UK to lend me a rangefinder, I would have had it for 3 years now whilst they were trying to get me a spare part for an Leica LRF 900.

    I have just given up now & thrown it in the back of the gun cabinet in disgust


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    A good friend of mine had an ancient Swaro/Habicht 8X42 and it was totally shiney with years of use so he phoned Swarovski and told them it was misting up in cold weather internally and it came back as new with new glass and re-blueing... try that with NF or S&B and you will send a few Christmas cards with your scope to save on stamps!!

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    Swarovski optics are the best on the market and there after care service is second to none.

    I saved up to buy my EL Binos and scopes and will never have to buy any others, so once purchased you can forget about replacing them.


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    Even their parts despatch system is second to none.

    The replacement tripod head panning arm arrived this morning!

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    On the Accurate Reloading Forum, Boghossian posted the following link to the Khales (now part of Swarovski) website

    A mannlicher rifle with a Kahles scope was lost high on an Austrian mountain during a Chamois hunt. It has endured 30 years of exposure - the rifle is somewhat rusted solid, but the scope is still optically perfect, with perfect function of the reticles.

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