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Thread: Calls - cheating or fair play

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    Calls - cheating or fair play

    Hiya all

    I'm reading Richard Priors book Humble Pie (recommended if you havent yet) and he asks the question whether using calls to attract deer is foul play or fair - what's the feeling chaps (and Lasses ?)


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    Given the skill involved in reproducing a call i should say it is fair. To my mind, its no less fair than tying a fly and catching a trout on it. Yes, it iss deceitful, but so is sitting up a highseat waiting in ambush rather than just charging into a field shouting "watch out, here I come" (which I don't do, for the record).

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    You don't have to shoot what you call!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    You don't have to shoot what you call!
    Nice to watch them come in though and this is where a camera combined with a rifle makes perfect sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    You don't have to shoot what you call!
    I think it depends on your motives.

    If you just want to enjoy the stalk, probably you don't need one. However, if you've a cull to meet, they are very useful once you master them.

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    Generally I like to hunt/stalk my quarry.

    Last year I did buy a Roe call (reed type) as I would like to try and have a go at calling, I never had much success.

    I understand that there is skill invoved in calling, I used to be understalker to a man who was a demon with the Butillo, he knew just when, where and how to use it, an art in its own imo.

    I would still rather use my wits
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    Great for getting them off the neighbouring land onto yours and even more satisfying if its FC land..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Well I believe it's another tool of our trade.

    I have used mine 4 times. I Use a reed, rather than the buttolo. I have used mine twice last year and twice this year. Of those 4 attempts I have called in 2 Bucks to the shot. You can over use them and use them at the wrong time of year. Short squeaks for around ten minutes with small intervals then wait an hour and see. Generally if I know the rut is in full swing and I know others are calling or in the area, I will use the terror call and that has been my success. To see a buck come storming towards you, especaillay an old buck vent on keeping his mate and territory, is something to behold. And if it is successful, then you can be fairly sure your using your tool correctly.


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    Hand calls are fair play, but electronic ones are not.

    The reason is simply one requires some skill, the other does'nt.

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    I'm going to be devil's advocate here and suggest that there are circumstances where NOT using a call may be unsporting.

    Sika deer are known for only popping their noses out the edge of the forestry at very last light and they are famously hard to shoot, the stalker with a cull target to meet could be under considerable pressure to bag his beasts. Under these circumstances there is always the temptation to shoot a beast under less than ideal conditions and in the case of sika that usually means the beast standing within feet of a commercial forestry plantation in the pitch black.

    By all accounts calling sika will allow you to move the stags, and I've heard it said some people can call hinds as well but have no knowledge of this, into a shootable position while many hours of daylight still remain. This allows for more effective recovery of the carcass and offers a better chance of a 2nd shot if the first is seen to be less than perfect, good light also increases the chance that the first shot will find its mark.

    I would, therefore, argue that calls offer not only a useful management tool but that they may also contribute to animal welfare in the case of the sika.

    I am also of the view that they are just another tool available to the stalker to help him bag his deer. Just as every stalker tries to stalk in areas where he knows deer are present and that they use often so the stalker can use his call to try and put him in touch with deer. Those people not wishing to use a call should, in my view, consider doing their stalking in areas known to hold no deer as it would certainly be unsporting for them to stalk in places which are known deer hotspots.

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