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Thread: post a pic of your rifle

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    post a pic of your rifle

    could some of you guys post some pics of your rifles

    just thought it would be nice to see other peoples rifles

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    verry nice mate 2 realy nice rifles there

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    sauer left handed 7mm by 64mm

    I know they are hard to clean, and I'm told they don't shoot as well, but I do love a bit of wood

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    Merkel combi 12-7x57R

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    buck ups rifle

    Buck up,
    What is that rifle?


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    I think and I am sure that Buckup will correct me if I am wrong its a combi rifle and shotgun, bottom barrel is 7x57 rifle and the top barrel is 12 guage shotgun barrel. Their very popular on the continent. [/img]

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    not that one

    No not that one, buck ups is a stutzen styled rifle. I have a ruger m77 model 2 with a full stock and it looks the same, I wondered how he was doing with it


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    Many apologies How are you at present anyway, I hope the road to recovery is on its way?

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    This is my CZ 550 American in .243, with a 6x42 Meopta

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