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Thread: Hand painted T-shirts M-L-XL-2XL khaki - deer stalking/shooting/wildfowling motifs

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    Hand painted T-shirts M-L-XL-2XL khaki - deer stalking/shooting/wildfowling motifs

    These are hand-painted T-shirts with deer stalking and game shooting related motifs. They are made using high quality fabric paints on good quality heavyweight (180g) T-shirts. Many options available, but most of them are khaki colour in popular sizes M-L-XL-2XL.
    As they are hand painted they might slightly differ. If your size is currently not available it might take 5-7 days to make one for you. You can see what sizes and designs are currently available and buy directly from evilBay, if you prefer that way (search for "grzegorz_l" username).
    Each is 14 posted. Accept Paypal or bank transfer. Will combine shipping if you are buying more than one.
    PM me your size and your chosen design as well as for payment details or if you have any questions.


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    A couple more
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    I am open to any suggestions and new designs are coming soon. Will put new photos on here as soon as I have them done.
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    Hi Greg,
    They look fine and providing the quality is decent the price is good. I dont know about deer in scopes on the person though as having 4 tyers slashed once possibly due to displaying a BASC sticker. You never know who you will upset and what some of these people may do.

    Best of luck with them.

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    Added some new ideas.

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    And a few more pictures.

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    New ideas. All available on khaki M, L, XL and 2XL t-shirts.
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