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    Straight Pull

    These are popular all of a sudden,with all the German models about.
    Has anyone any expirience of Lynx of Finland? I haven't got a slot on my licence,but I am interested in what's out there!

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    Nice looking rifles. Never heard of them before. Do you have an idea of cost.


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    I don't know about the cost I wrote to Viking arms & a gun shop in Harrogate,asking a few questions about them,but neither made the effort to write back.So I'd be surprised if there's a UK importer.
    They look quite heavy though! I'm being won over by the light rifle crowd!

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    They look very impressive. Looks like some high-quality machining on some of the photos. If Lynx made a left-hander, I would definitely consider one.

    They won't be cheap though.

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    If you fancy a quality straight pull have a look at the Heym SR30.
    I have one in .308. It is the most accurate factory rifle I have ever shot.
    Just exudes quality
    Regards FB

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    Told you so Farmboy
    Glad you like it, what `scope did you put on it after?
    I just ordered a new rifle a Marlin 44, but it`s such a rigmorole over here.........I have to remember to take my firearms license to the gun store when I pick it up
    The shooting fraternity over here are so helpful, I called in a gunstore in Napier when we out for the day, and I just asked about some 458 ammo , the bloke in the shop said he remembered a rep had mentioned some, he`d see what he could do, he rang me 2 days later and said he`d post the 2boxes that were in NZ to me as he`d seen my firearms license (I`m sure I`d shown him it.
    You lot still getting that sort of service in the U.K?
    Total cost? $90 per box inc postage, roughly ($nz 2.5 to the )

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    Nice to hear from you John, how goes it on the otherside of the world? Hep we are still getting that sort of service over here lol . In our wildest dreams and only if hell freezes over. Is the shooting as good as has been reported in N.Z.? At some point I am going to get over to that part of the world and check it out for myself. Look forward to hearing from you

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    [quote="john.d.m"]Told you so Farmboy
    Glad you like it, what `scope did you put on it after?
    Hi John,
    Yes you were right Damn fine rifles.
    Put a Zeiss Diavari on top 2.5-10x50.
    Zeroed at 150 yds prints a clover leaf group
    Had a couple of nice Reds with it already.

    Regards FB

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    Ive actually just done a pillar bedding job on a demo Lynx rifle for a shop in yorkshire, it was a 308.

    The straight pull design is lightning fast to reload and after bedding the rifle easily shot sub MOA groups with factory ammo at 100 meters.

    The bolt locks with an innovative lug that secures the bolt in the action with a biathalon style release lever, you can work the bolt without losing sight picture, would be a good rifle for boar, I think.

    Solid construction, yet very pointable, accurate and easily stripped, it has box mag system too.

    If I was after a straight pull, this would be on my list for consideration.

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