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Thread: Two bucks last night

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    Two bucks last night

    Arrive at the farm around 8pm and had a quick chat with the owner, who told me he had seen two roe in the top field 10 minutes earlier. It was not the normal way I stalked the farm but I thought what the heck, try something different, so of I set. The wind was not great, rather swirly, as the top field although high is set in a bowl.
    Once I had got up the hill side and pushed my way through the stingers with rifle and sticks above head I arrived on the edge of the field which had a large headland left of uncut grass whilst the centre had been mowed for hay. I walked slowly but still managed to bump two does both of which I did not see until they ran back to the woods edge for cover, neither where with bucks but feeling rather annoyed that I was unable to see them in the cover and had left the buttalo somewhere so safe I could not find it I decided to walk on the shorter grass and keep looking into the taller stuff. A small movement caught my eye and I glassed at first what I thought was a yearling doe, but closer inspection proved he was a young buck with a two of the smallest spikes for antlers. He was aware of my presence but I stood still and had the rifle on the stick, he was browsing on the edge of the wood and was not offering a safe shot I needed him to move about ten meters to the right and I would be able to get a safe shot. Slowly he moved away from the wood to feed on the game cover and I shot him at about 40yrds thought the neck. I sorted him out and left him on the edge of the game cover to carry on stalking.
    I moved on and paced through a uncut rape field into a large wheat field where I saw a really nice 6 point buck and doe about 200yrds away feeding near the edge. The wind was not helping but neither was the light so I thought a bit of a direct approach was called for, I simply walked around the edge of the field until I got some cover from the bottom hedge, I was still some 150 yards from them, I slowly made my way along the hedge and was now below them, I had no shot as they were silhouetted, and as I try to get further on the doe started to crane her neck as she has pick up my scent. I got the rifle on the sticks and hoped they would run down the hill and stop below me as they would want to get back in the wood, sure enough she started to move and he followed. She stopped and so did he, he offered a perfect broad side shot although he was in standing wheat so the shot was slight higher than I would normally have liked to have taken, I squeezed and 105g SP geco 243 round struck home, the buck staggered about 10yrds and went down just on the edge of the wheat, the shot had passed through his lungs but missed the heart and had taken out his left shoulder as he was on a very slight angle when I took the shot. With the light fast faded I sorted him out and dragged him back to the where I could get a vehicle to, had them both hung up in the larder by 10.15pm and had a quick beer with the farmer before heading home.
    No better way of spending a summers evening. Happy stalking.

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    well done two down, any pics of the beasts mate.


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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Finally downloaded the pictures from my phone. Happy hunting.

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