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Thread: Rem Case Quality

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    Rem Case Quality

    There's been nothing good said about Winchester brass on here!
    I would go the whole hog & get Lapua/Norma brass,but they don't do it in the calibre I use & I can't be bothered necking down.
    I've ended up using 100 remington, & before I get some more I wanted to check I wasn't about to make a mistake & end up with brass that will stretch too long & won't seat a primer! Does anyone know of anything good about remington?

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    Yes, if you reckon on a 95% of it being good, 3% reasonable and 2% to be used as Dummy rounds or ornaments then you would be about right.
    That would be my expectations from a packet of new remington brass.
    3% would be loaded and used once but 95% would go on and on for at least ten reloads before showing any signs of wear and then I would be looking for splits in the neck.
    I have been very lucky with Federal cases that I have been given, once fired on Range days, they have been going for ages, lost count of the times they have been reloaded and still looking good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC
    I have been very lucky with Federal cases that I have been given, once fired on Range days, they have been going for ages, lost count of the times they have been reloaded and still looking good.
    very cheap source and excellent quality for the price
    all i use for my .243

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    Danny, is this for your 7mm08?
    I used some remmy brass. !00% of it was fine when new, however i full length resized it, trimmed and chamfered.

    I now use some shiny nickel plated .308 federal brass which i have necked down. it is fine, but you must work up your loads carefully.

    You are in the forces.... why don't you get some 7.62 x 51 nato brass you will have to full length, trim and sort out. you will also have to ream the primer pocket, that can easily be done with a countersink bit or a hard stone in your dremmel. some might have dents in the neck or shoulder from gpmg use, but it will be ok as long as it's not split. With this brass

    However, i think you might fall foul of the army act 1955 if caught unless you can show you have purchased this surplus brass. In no way would i be suggesting that you break the law.

    You will find that it is decent quality and whats more you will be able to get loads and loads so your loads will be nice and consistant. (sort it by wieght)

    .308 win and 7.62 x 51 nato is slightly different, but it will be fine.

    all the best


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    this guy is selling 100 x .308 win pieces. Lapua make. That IS A REAL DEAL

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    .300wsm- does your .270 stretch brass? i always check the length and trim and i always have to take a bit off my .30-06.


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    With Remmington Brass the vast majority of advice says you should ream the primer pockets with a saami cut reamer. Their are numerous available, sinclair international make a good one. Your should also deburr the primer flash hole. With remington brass the flash hole is punched and this can leave a burr on the internal flash hole which effects the primer spark therefore bad ignition. Weigh and sort and trim to a uniform length. You could also neck turn if you like but it is alot of effort and unless you are after extreme acuracy its probably not worth it. Lapua and Norma brass generally doesnt require primer procket reaming or flash hole deburring. Both these manufacturers have excellent case uniformity.

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