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Thread: My new rifle (and first centre fire.

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    My new rifle (and first centre fire.

    Well after my variation came back the other day i was itching to get out and pick up a gun and after a quick ring around of who had what and who could get me what i ended up by the gun and scope from separate shops. The gun is a stainless and synthetic T3 in 6.5x55 and was bought from Northalerton shooting supplies and Malcolm did it for as cheap as i could get anywhere and he luckily had one in stock. So that was that and i headed home to to grab a drink before going out for the scope. Its a S&B 8x56 hungarian that i bought second had from dave at York guns who did a good price on it and the other bits and bobs i needed such as sling, slip ammo and cleaning bits and bobs. I will be zeroing it tomorrow and it'll be ready for my stalking trip to scotland next saturday On another note to any of those contemplating using either Northalerton or York guns don't hesitate to do so both great shops and did spend about an hour and a half in York guns as the fitted the scope to the gun that i had not bought from them and bore sighted it as well.

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    That looks nice mate but, you must be chuffed. I would put a round or two through it as I wouldnt rely on the bore sighting (From experience they are not always spot on) just a thought.

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    Yeah i plan to check it tomorrow but its good to get a head start.


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    Nice mate and please read the threads on shooting in dont want to mess up a shiny new rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choc View Post
    Nice mate and please read the threads on shooting in dont want to mess up a shiny new rifle.
    Could you possibly post a link/what you do as im struggling to find one (im not very effective using the search function.)


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    Whatever you do George, take your time & make mental note of it, as when you hit your first (perceived) problem, you will have a reference point, having said that, you should fire your first few rounds & then let cool, whatever cleaning ritual you decide on adopting. Steve.
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    That looks like a great setup and I hope you get many hours of enjoyment from it. Take it easy with the zeroing and good luck in Scotland.

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    Nice one George - you don't waste any time do you?!

    Looks like a good set up to me. I buy from Dave in York too - great guy and a cracking shop.

    I will be over your way tomorrow, somewhere between 10 and 2 ish.

    Enjoy the new rifle... just push a dry patch through your barrell before you fire the first shot (remove transit oil)


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    Very nice too, you must be well chuffed!

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    I had mine (same calibre and make but the hunter version) bore sighted by the gun shop I brought it from, however it was miles off. In hind sight I should have got a large piece of cardboard, mounted a zero'ing target to that and either drawn 1 inch squares on the cardboard or taken a tape measure with me, or started off at 50 metres to get it on the target then moved out to either 100 or 200 metres.

    I also found different makes and loads make a difference in where the rifle shoots, Federal 140gr would just bugger off somewhere where as 120 gr Noslers group very well.

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