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Thread: my new 25-06 riffle is all over the place (help)

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    my new 25-06 riffle is all over the place (help)

    Hi every one, im hoping for some advice!
    I have just bought a new steyr pro hunter mk2 in 25-06 with a moderated with a edger brothers 8x56 scope.
    I have tried to zero it with no success, I have been using remington 120gr rounds at 100 yards, the first two rounds hit the mark but the third rounds is miles off then if I try and place a forth it must be 8 inches off.
    It seems the hotter the barrle gets the worst it gets!!!!

    can anyone help please, I am fairly new to this sport so any advice however small would be great.

    Thanks Martin

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    First off the hotter your barrel gets the wider your grouping will be, my rifles groupings head north the hotter the barrel gets.

    I would check your scope rings/mounts are tight and that your stock is firmly attached to your action. Any slack in the above will create major accuracy issues.


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    Its quite common, as the barrel heats up the point of impact changes as long as the first shot hits the mark dont worry.

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    A hot barrel definately won't help, but I doubt it would be 8" off!

    You say it's new, are you sure the scope and mounts are tightened properly? Did you have your scope fitted by your gunsmith?

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    Should of brought a Sako, new Manlichers can be problematic in my experience.



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    If it is new then copper fouling shouldn't be an issue. Check scope and mounts are tight. If they are ok, shoot a group with the moderator removed. I've seen a few badly fitted mods give exactly these results recently. Best to take the mod out of the equation first.

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    I have heard some of the manlichers have problems with flexing stocks? maybe the mod is causing the barrle to touch some part of the stock? If that isnt the porb i would go with some of the above i.e check mounts etc are tight. all the best, Mo

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    Im sure the rings and scope are secure as it was fitted by the gun smith!

    If I leave the gun to cool down for 20 mins then try again I get the same result, I just thougt I should be able to get more than 2 rounds off before this happens?

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    Longer periods between shots and don`t rush anything.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    are you touching the floating barrel? and try with the mod off

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