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Thread: Jd's first buck and my first accompanied stalk

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    Jd's first buck and my first accompanied stalk

    Hi Jd,

    Two great posts mate and as you know i was just as chuffed as you where with the whole stalk. You did well for the first beast mate considering the long stalk in across some hard terain. As you know i was as excited as you where and heres a little write up mate for you. This was the story from my side of the fence and hope it fills in the spaces, . i hope you have managed to figure out how the rifle slings on your back mate.. ha ha.

    Get back mate fast and we will notch another up for you, many thanks for what was a great day for me too. atb Frank.

    following an introduction on here from john i replied saying we where neighbours. we exchanged an email or two and had a conversation about shooting in general.
    he had mentioned he was nervous about his upcoming Dsc1 and i tried to put him at ease. needless to say he did well and passed as he was well prepared.
    Following on from this i offered if he wanted to chum me on a morning stalk. He accepted and times where agreed. unfortunately following a couple of hours stalking nothing shot however we did see a nice buck and a doe.
    The first deer john had seen up close. as they say cant be lucky all the time. we talked for a while and exchanged texts and arranged for another morning stalk.
    i picked john up at 1am. had leisurely drive up the road. we arrived just in time and made our way to the high seat. following two hours and nothing called it a day and returned to the van for tea and a sandwich. thanks john well done more next time.
    we then formulated the plan. up hill get stag go home. ha ha. i wish.
    off we went and i was feeling full of beans john had his turn now it was mine. as we made our way up we spied every 15 20 meters, breath stops i call them ha ha. after only the second stop we spied a buck. having seen him, we discussed that going on up the hill can wait and the buck will be stalked. we ranged the deer at 268 meters and it was right over the other side of the open hill. i said to john stay on my back-side and follow me. when i stop you stop. when i drop to my knees you drop. we seen the buck in a ride and he was eating away. we started our approach. a brisk walk over the heather is not possible so it was going to be a fairly hard slog. we where making ten to fifteen meters between the deers nibbles on the ground. we made up thirty forty meters when the deer started to move. damn. he is the move john, we need to get closer. range now 223 meters. right we will go up as he does mate, keep with me i said. of we go again going as quick as we can. walking over heather and divots whist looking at a deer is hard hard going. the deer was now moving a bit more than he was initially. he was grazing less now between moves so we needed to get a move on. john by now was fairly excited and was as high as a kite. we where now 175 meters out and the deer had travelled about 30/40 meters up the hill also. fortunately he was straddling the trees which was good news for us. up we go john lets get him i thought, one last push in a bit of semi dead ground to get to a shooting position . as we moved on the deer went to enter the trees, shxxe hes going, come on mate lets move. john had seen him disappear but we pushed on. on getting to the best spot for a shot i ranged it at 127 yards.... going to have to do, get down john bag off back sticks down. set rifle on the bag, john, get comfy sight yourself on trees and be ready for the shot. john replied he was ready. i reminded him safety is on and push forward when your happy to shoot and get ready. as i laid beside him i cleared heather from the front of his shot.
    right john here we go, i pushed down on the buttolo, squeal squeal, tick tick tick time freezes and there it is heads up and out of the trees.
    what the hell is that, i think, its john ha ha breathing like a steam train going up a hill ha ha what a racket, breath mate in through nose you'll explode ha ha that's the feeling i hope never to loose..
    he is standing now just half in the trees and half out. all we see is the head. hes heard the call mate. get ready, all i see is his head john says. dont worry mate we will get him out. all of a sudden the deers on the move, right to us, he is coming to us shxxe. keep your cool john breath mate, i cant get a shot i see his head, chill john just wait it will come.... he keeps coming 100 90 80 70 60 50 oh no he is gong to come right in....he finally halts all i see is head and neck. john aim dead centre of his neck half way up and wait mate he will turn just wait mate. honestly 10 seconds pass, it may well have been twenty hours, the buck just stands ears up watching us watching him.... his back legs twitching ready to run.....then without warning he moves to his right our left and the shot shows itself, take it john take it...... i cant see the engine room frank what will i do .. wait one mate it will come, then he moves two steps. he is just behind the heather but i can see enough for the shot ... poor john is not ready some of the deer is hidden.... then he moves that one step made the difference for john, safety off and bang, 243 tablet delivered in the chest. i see the plume off the deer and know its a good shot... good shot reload i hear you say no.. johnny light fingers is already mid action on his reload, well done mate i thinks, did i get him did i did i, just keep your eye on him mate. this is all split second as you can imagine. i am spying the buck as he runs off, his back is wavering he is down i think to myself then he dissapears. right john lets get up sticks up mate and wait. nothing stirring. right john lets go mate lets go and check, john and i walk towards the area where the buck ran, watch and observe mate, we get closer no movement hes down mate lets get him. there he is, he is half way down a hole which goes in to a gully, rifle mate, get him or you will loose him, that was lucky mate we would never have seen him if he fell in there mate your one lucky chappy. we drag back to the bags which where left at the shooting point. johns thrilled i am thrilled a murder buck, jammie git ha ha. john does his gralloch and the rest is history. well done mate well done

    does it all come back mate ....

    well done


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    Frank, thanks for filling in the gaps was a bit of a blur in my mind from when you gave the go ahead to stalk the buck!!! Brought the day back to my mind as if it happened 2 mins should have been a journalist with a write up like that

    The sling thing........that excited I couldnt sling the rifle correctly , heart going ten to the dozen and adrenaline all over the place.

    What a day.

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    i cant get over it mate, thats a moment we will have a drink over time and time again. i really am not sure how you managed to get the rifle in such a position whilst still holding it. i wish we had the cam corder with us. sitting here chuckling about it still ha ha.

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    Well done on your first John and hats off to Frank.

    Reading that story is making me thing about my first last year!

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    Well done guys, great stuff! It's amazing how much happens in just a few seconds isn't it! Then the few seconds after the shot "did the shot feel good?" and you can hardly remember it... until afterwards when it all comes flooding back in perfect clarity!

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