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    o/u 410

    Wanted ... im looking for a u/0 410 to keep the daughter on the right track , she's a dainty 18yr old & finds the 12g a little too much, so not to put her off, im looking for a 410. cheers lads

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    Rather than a 410 which suffers from a restricted choice of shells and expensive to feed, why not get her a little 28 or even 20bore? You'll find a nice lightly used gun for very little money.

    Alot of numpties bought them a few years back because it was fashionable - Prince Charles and a few other known celebrities claimed it was the gun to have and alot ran out and bought them. I got the wife a sweet 20 Browning Medalist for 300 - it's practically new. If she does get a 20, be careful not to mix the shells with your 12 bore!!!

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    I have a falco 410 o/u magnum approx 150 cartridges mag and 2 1/4''
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    20g with 7/8ths ounce loads would be the best bet in my opinion. All I used for years. .410 is light on recoil and quiet but that is all it has going for it. Just about everyone I know has a .410 of some description sitting un-used in their cabinets. Also, gun fit is critical if you want someone to enjoy their shooting and have a reasonable ammount of sucess. JC

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    Thanks for the links fellas.

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