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Thread: Making a Quad Bike Road Legal

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    Making a Quad Bike Road Legal

    Hi, looking to get a quad bike as i cant get access to all of the tracks/paths on my shoot as I only have a car at present. Cant afford to buy/insure a 4x4, so I'm thinking a quad is the next logical step.

    has anyone got any experience of making a quad road legal? and roughly how much money would I be looking at just to get the thing on the road?

    any advice is much appreciated



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    there are road legal quads you can buy, why not buy one and save yourself the grie

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    You are entering a minefield.

    Since the intoduction of these road legal toy quads the law has changed somewhat, it is now a nightmare to get a "working" quad licensed.

    Getting the lighting kit is the easy part, there are alot of companies doing marque specific kits that just bolt on, being one of them.

    If you were to buy a NEW quad it would come with something called a Certificate of Newness, this is basically a golden pass in the registering process, you can move straight to registering it as an Agricultural Vehicle meaning you are RFL and MOT exempt.

    If you buy a secondhand quad it will not be a "new" vehicle so requires a test at your local VOSA centre to be eligible for registering it road legal.

    Either way it is a pain in the arse.

    My advice would be to buy one already done so its just a case of you applying for the V5 in your name.

    There is a good looking Yamaha Grizzly on eBay at the minute.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    hi oggy
    if you go to www.tilton you can buy a secound hand quad that is road legal ,these bikes only have 300 miles on them
    so good value .then comes the tricky bit of insurance ,i have just had a quote for a yamaha kodak 400 1996 model
    i had to sit down first one for fire & theft £285 & second one for full comp £397 a two year old landy 90 is less than that.
    you do not see a farm quad with number plates on it as most are not registed but still go on the road .and also it is not coved by your house insurance ,as dan said its a mine field .

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    +1 for the above 2 threads.

    It is a total nightmare and from wot i can make out no hard or fast black and white rules jist alot off grey areas. For my bro''s new honda the dealer said lighting kit wasn't needed even thou me and my dad needed kit's? I he wasn't ripping us off as we replace the bikes every 18-22 months.

    A local agri dealer said it is near impossible to get a 2nd hand one registered.

    U dont say how far, wot type off roads and how busy they are. if there not to busy dinae worry, loads of farmers run them miles on theroad. we tow they about on trailers (6/8x4's) u could easy tow it to forest gates then take it off, no road miles, any car will pull them no probs

    Do u really need it road legal if ur off road

    if u do want it road legal either buy a 2nd hand already registered or new££

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    having sold in excess of ten second hand honda quads this year i dont envey you this task.
    the best way to register a road legal quad is from new with the certificate of newness you get, a honda 420 is circa £4500 £5k new.
    a second hand models from £1000 to £3000, unless your actually driving long distances on the main road and at night the hassle of registering it is not worth it.
    from my memory vosa don't get involved as long as you get this cert. it is registered as a farm vehicle so no road tax and you can only use on the road whilst working or to and from it.
    as previously stated on other posts for full road use then you need to by one of the quadzilla type jap imports

    remember it is illegal to ride a quad without the correct documentation on the public highway and i dont condone it for the legal chaps before i get a bashing

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    Guys, thanks a million for the info!!

    Thought it might just be a case of fitting a lighting kit then sending off a form to the DVLA and maybe an MOT, but its obviously far easier buying one thats already sorted.

    my shoot is up in Scotland and I stay about 5 mins drive away. As I generally go up for a few days, it'll just be a pain taking to/from the shoot on the trailer and I can see that wearing thin quite quickly

    As for the insurance, I've had a company car for the last 3 1/2 yrs, so the insurance on a quad is at least 1/3 of what i'd pay if I got a 4x4 working out at £400 p/yr

    thanks again for you help!!

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    if your taking it from l/pool to scotland mate may i suggest that you leave it here with someone.
    sure one of us trust worthy sorts would love to look after your quad for you ha ha, no seriously its a thought.


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    Quote Originally Posted by oggy View Post
    As for the insurance, I've had a company car for the last 3 1/2 yrs, so the insurance on a quad is at least 1/3 of what i'd pay if I got a 4x4 working out at £400 p/yr
    As you've probably just found out, quads are one of the most nickable commodities at the moment. Outboard engines and quads - pikey magnets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    As you've probably just found out, quads are one of the most nickable commodities at the moment. Outboard engines and quads - pikey magnets.
    try speaking to the farmers insurance company

    NFU Mutual - Insurance, pensions and investments
    Auto Insurance Quotes | Home, Life & Car Insurance | Farmers Insurance

    as pc John said at the Cd meeting the quads are stolen all the time and are associated to other rural crimes ...

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