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Thread: Tonights encounter

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    Tonights encounter

    Hi all,

    I have been asked to have a look at a good roe buck by the land owner. I met the land owner and he told me where the wood is , i set off to the wood to find the wind was on my back which was bad news for entering the wood so i went down a gully to start from the other end of the wood.
    I arrived at the right end and walked to a area where i could see 2 rides i spooked what i new was a roe but no barking and did not go far so i stood still to see if the animal came out and it did about 30 yards to my right in a ride and it was a doe.
    It crossed and just looked over its shoulder at me then carried on , so where is this good buck. I did not have to wait long he came out in front of me in the ride about 30-35 yards away turned looked staight at me and started to bob up and down with its head. It new something was wrong but did not know what i looked through my glasses very slowly to just see how good this boy is . The owner was not wrong it was a very good buck a very big true as true could be 6 pointer but what happened next reminded me what it is all about.
    He carried on walking and having a quick nibble towards me closer and closer to a point i kept the bino`s up to my face and just looked over the top of them. He stopped at the corner of the junction and stayed there putting his head into vegetation and turning around in front of me . At this time he was no further away from me than 8 yards away and what a animal he is if it was my land i would not shoot it for a couple of years as he is a very young buck but his of antler is over a foot long but have no thickening around the coronets and the main antler is quite thin .
    I did not move and he went down the same direction as the doe without a bother, it was a good moment to have him stood infront of me for what seemed ages it was probably a minute or so.
    I went back for a coffee to see his nibs and told him and have now been told to shoot it.

    Hope i have not bred you all but this was a moment i will not forget.


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    great story mate, whats the land owners plans for the buck.
    will he leave it to mature or was he assessing its cull value.
    bet you wish you had a camcorder strapped to you when something like this happens

    atb frank

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    hi frank,

    he wants the trophy for the snooker room .


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    i posted a pic of a road kill buck mate,

    you can have it for him if you want and it will save you your deer for next year.

    let me know, i have not preped it yet so you can have it as it sits or i will sort and mount it for you at little cost... i.e box of ammo for 243.


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