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Thread: Cant help but ask about .223

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    Cant help but ask about .223

    Hi all
    Before I get the have you done a search? question, then yes I have.
    I'm starting to reload .223 which is meant for foxing this weekend, and can't find any kind of consistency on recommended powders.
    I use Viht for my 6.5, and that seems to be a consistent recommended powder for that calibre.
    I'd like to use Hodgdon at first as it's a smaller tub, and nearly if not half the price (yes I'm a cheapskate as well) just in case I don't like it.
    Getting the rifle itself tomorrow, either a Browning Abolt, or a CZ527, and will be using Hornady SP 50gr bullets.
    So what do you all use?
    The number of replies I get which lists the same powder the most will be the one I try.
    Why, because I don't want to reinvent the wheel, and you guys are all users so I have a degree of trust in your answers.
    Not asking for your loading grains, as I'll try that myself and find the rifle's sweet spot.
    Many thanks for your replies (says he with trepidation)

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    BLC2 works well with light bullets it's a ball powder and meters well. I use Vihtavori 140 in my 223 but using 75 and 80 grain bullets.

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    H322: Small extruded powder that also meters very nicely.


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    Viht N133.

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    I'm running low on Samson factory ammo, so I've started to reload. I'm using a Lee Loader with RCBS powder scales+trickler with Benchmark powder, but haven't tried the reloaded ammo yet. Been too busy working up a 284W F-Class load.

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    I use N133 accurate, meters well, full case and clean burning.

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    You can also get Viht powders in smaller 1/2 kilo tubs if you look around and it's cheaper than American powder

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    26 grains N133

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    My load: Primer CCI Powder N133 24.8 52grain amax.

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    Viht N133. Ideally suited to 223 and 50-55gn bullets.

    If you prefer a ball powder, H335 is the canister version of the General Dynamics / St. Marks Powder Co. propellant in commercial US M193 5.56 and many civilian 223 clones with the 55gn FMJBT bullet and is very popular in the USA for handloading 50-55gn bullets. Even better still is the much newer and more advanced Hodgdon CFE223 which according to Hodgdon gives another 150 fps. Ive used it successfully in 223 but not with this weight of bullet. It is cleaner burning than older ball propellants such as H335, and incorporates an anti-coppering agent (which does work).

    N133 would be my choice followed by CFE223. Either will work very well, but ball powders like CFE are ideal for throwing consistent charges from conventional mechanical (rotating drum type) powder measures. (Not well suited to electronic powder dispensers like the RCBS Charge Master though - flows too easily and escapes over the bench, worse into the electronic scales interior where it fouls things up.)

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