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Thread: A word of warning to honest, genuine people...

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    A word of warning to honest, genuine people...

    Most of us, myself included are honest, genuine people. I am fortuate that I am in a reasonably good situation finanically and with stalking.

    I always try and help people out who are either more or less fortunate and try and treat everyone the same.

    If people perhaps havn't got the time or financial resources then I'll always try and help them out, even if I don't know them.

    I am not going to name names but I did this with one member off here letting him take something before paying a penny, then recieved 1st half of money a few months later but never the 2nd lot.

    It wasn't a great amount of money but kind of takes the mick ( same value as say a tractor drivers weekly wages).
    Will I continue to do this in the future? Yes but only to people I know and trust.

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    Sako, how are others to be protected from this individual?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Sako name him or her mate payment to others will be short so while it might not help you it might help others. Hope you get it sorted and when any one buys off the internet some one needs to trust some one .I am luckie i have never been stung and will not sting anyone.

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    I can't own a dog right now but I do love petting dogs belonging people I know. Last Christmas a nice, happy looking dachshund tried to tear my thumb off. Blood everywhere. Well, heck. I still pet dogs, but not that one.

    Last year I spent a goodly bit of time and effort digging up some scarce gunparts for a fellow in another site, and sent them to him in lieu of payment. Never heard from him again. Ok. So I won't do anything for him again but it's not in my nature, not to trust someone I feel is a decent sort. I realize I'm doomed to get "burned" again at some point but I need to be true to myself.

    Sorry you got stuck, and I hope that eventually you get compensated. ~Muir

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    Sorry to here you have been stitched up

    Maybe it would be better to take half the money in the morning and payment in full at the end of the day or when all stalking is over. JMHO

    Maybe the person concerned will stump up if they read your post, good luck


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    reputation is everything in my eyes, you may not want to name and shame them but perhaps send a link to them of this thread might guilt them into squaring up with you.

    When i first joined another shooting forum i was selling an air rifle, i sent it Royal Mail, it turned up with the stock smashed in half, not the way i sent it. I found a new stock and sent it to him for no extra charge leaving me out of pocket but at least i had peace of mind and a had a thanks of the buyer and a good reputation etc. i have even sent shooting related items to others free of charge if they needed something i had lying around, one good turn returns another plenty of people have helped me out shooting and i will help others where i can

    but once bitten twice shy

    UK GUNWORKS customized 260 AI on a Remmy 700 Blue printed action, Border barrel 1/8 twist, McMillan Hunter stock, Third eye sound mod, 20MOA rail, Rings and bolt knob, Zeiss Conquest 6-20x50 scope

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    Sorry to hear that somebody has taken advantage of you Sako. I have not seen the rifle you sent for me this week yet, still with my mate, but I am confident it will be as you say.

    Shame on the person that has done this, I to hope they see this and do the right thing.



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    Suggest that you name him, I think that all of us that stay honest should be aware of people like this. If I know who he is he will never come hunting with me.

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    Sorry to here that your goodwill has been abused. If it's a forum member then I'd give them the chance to read this and then make good. Give them a reasonable amount of time and if they don't do the right thing then name them. At least then other forum members can be aware that the individual is untrustworthy.

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    Maybe best to send him a P.M as a gentle reminder than to shame him as you may not be aware of the true circumstances as to why payment is not forth coming the guy could be ill, in hospital, or out of the country ,at least give him some notice before you take further steps would be my advice.


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