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    I went out yesterday evening to hopefully track down a buck that had been evading me for a couple of months. Having perfected my home loads last weekend I was full of confidence that should a shot present itself, then I would be more than capable of hitting exactly where I aim.

    I went to a friends farm, several hundered acres surrounding a large woodland with a good population of roe. There are the usual places which are always worth a look - indeed this is where I started. After a few minutes I was deliberating the ideal position to lay up to wait for mr Buck to make an appearance, which is seldom more than 250 yards from the tree line. I scanned accross the land further out from the woods and noticed a young doe being closely followed by a good looking buck.

    Approximately 900 yards away, and with good undulating terrain and hedgerows in abundance I moved closer in to have a closer inspection of the beasts. They were in good health, and bulky. The buck had a well built body, albeit not massive in frame. His antlers had a tine count of 3 on one side and 2 on the other. He was much smaller than the other 2 bucks seen in the area over recent days. The stalk was on.

    Closing in to around 150 yards I crawled through a broken fence that had been consumed by the hedgerow. Cursing under my breath as nettles and thistles seemed to find every uncovered suqare inch of skin. I crawled closer.

    I stayed for a while watching the buck chasing the doe. I waited perhaps a little too long as they both disappeared out of site towards the cover of the trees. I stayed still, and waited - thinking that the opportunity had passed and I felt a bit disappointed.

    Just as I was about to head for home I spotted the doe running into the centre of a 16 acre field, the buck this time was not as interested but still trailing her by approx. 50 yards.

    He stoped to graze, lifted his head, and fell to my home load. 130 grain sierra gameking from the .270 Sako 85. It cracked out through the muzzle and reported a whollop as it struck the neck vertebrae.

    I was (and still am) chuffed. He had no idea that I was there, he died instantly, and felt nothing. What's more - the doe continued to graze no more than 50 yards away until we approached for the gralloch some 5 minutes later.

    P.S He'd lost a tine at some point - a shame. The 6th point would have looked good on the wall.

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    nice read im glad you got sorted with the home loads what did the rifle prefare in the end i see you are on gamekings i find them really good in my 270 with no bruising around the wound all the best,wayne

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    well done mate cracking story.


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    Dc. Good account and nothing better first result with your own load. Glad to see you perservered with the loading. If you necked it at that distance then they are bang on. Well done


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    Thanks guys,

    I ended up with CCI primers, Winchester brass, 60 grains of H4831sc, gameking 130gn seated to be 0.005" off the lands. I was shooting targets and crows last weekend with tight groups around 1/2 inch in diameter at distances in excess of 200 yards. I was more than comfortable with the shot. I have never been so confident with a rifle and load - it is a fantastic feeling!


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    nice one its a great feeling when you have got it spot on .all the best,wayne

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    A good read Dave, and im glad you caught up with the buck. Was out on the farm today where i told you i spotted a little 4 point buck the other day and there was a different roe at first i though it was a doe but as i got closer and it ran im pretty sure it was a malformed buck still in velvet that should probably get culled but im not 100% sure it wasn't a doe with some branch/foliage on its head. Once again it was just by the road and only about 200 yards from where the 4 point buck was the day before yesterday.


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