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Thread: 25 06 loads wanted

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    25 06 loads wanted

    could any of you who use a 25 please give me your recommended loads for 117 or 120 grain heads . I have some RELOADER 22 in stock and also some H 4831 sc in stock these seem to be the most common powders but would be grateful for any information on these or any other powder you may use with your loads .i will also take care to work up to your loads as slightly less powder may suit my gun better . I have most reloader manuals at home plus most are freely available on inter nett . THANKS MUDDY

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    117g Interlocks - 51g of RL 22 is safe and very accurate in my own rifle.

    Pity I cant seem to find the interlocks any more......

    I use Speer 100g flat base pretty much 100% of the time now inmy own quarterbore, 53g of H4831 or Vit 160 is the recipe.

    Bear in mind these are safe in my own rifle, if you do try these loads please work up to this.

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    Hi i personally have never got on great with the 117g-120g bullets but am on hornaday 117g SST next & best i got was 1-1/2" gorups with H4831sc is 52g uncrimped & cci or cci-br primer. I generally work 75g,87g or 100g bullet. For 100g bullets & RE22 i worked 55g with 3/4" groups & N160 is very good too at 53g & again 3/4" groups all safe in my own rifle. I got on great with the nosler 115g silver tips in RE22 with 54.5g & N160 at 47.7g all 3/4" goups again & i use cci primers. The only 120g i got to shoot good was nosler partition at 47.7g N160 at 1" groups hope this helps .

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    I use Hornady 117gn SP boat-tail heads for my 25.06 Sako - and have used: 1. Hodgdon H1000 - 54gns; 2. Hodgdon H4350 - 48.5gns; 3. Vihtavuori N160 -45.5gns. I my rifle these loads shoot to virtually the same point of aim so I don't need to re-zero the rifle. They work for me so may be worth a try in your own rifle but each rifle is different!!

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    I you have the H4831 you could try a starting load of 48 grns to a maximum load of 53 gns - according to the Hodgdon sheet for the 25.06 this gives 2839 - 3137 ft/s using the Hornady 117 SPBT.

    No point buying more powder until you try those you have, anyway best of luck this it.

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    Hi I use 115 nosler bt and 46.6 grs n160 dose a great gob

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