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Thread: Roe buck calling

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    Roe buck calling

    I got up at 5 oclock this morning to go stalking for a Roe Buck and thought i would put the Buttalo in my pocket to give it a try, I got the call after the rut last year so have not tried it before.
    When I arrived at the farm it was lightly drizzling after about 40 mins I spotted a Buck slowly walking through a corn field, so I moved forward towards a hedge and into cover. As it was still quite a way from me i thought i would give the Buttalo a go and watched through the Binoculars as it lifted its head and looked staright towards me, I waited for about 5 mins and tried it again and the buck started to walk towards me, it stopped again about 90 yards out, I was on the sticks and could only see the Bucks head and neck so I thought I would give the call another go, I could not believe what happend next as another Buck came Running in from another direction and stopped about 50 yards out in the corn field in front of me, I only had to move the Rifle slightly on the sticks and had a clear neck shot, the buck dropped and as I reloaded the first buck just turned and walked away then ran through the field. This is my first buck I have called in and shot.

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    Well done Paul, having one charging in like that is still something I look forward to. Have called in foxes until they are a blur in the scope but so far my roe 'chat up lines' have been given the big fat "talk to the hand"!

    Saying that, EMcC's enchanting squeaking almost got us the amorous affections of a badger last night!

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    CSL, I'm hearing you...

    I can't tempt those Roe darlings yet either. Foxes seem to like me too though. Perhaps they aren't picky.

    I bet it's great to sse a buck charge in towards the call.. Maybe one day.

    Well done dusk till dawn.


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    thats how you do it, i was once told that when using the call on a specific deer don't place all your attention on him, another may come as did for you. it was good advice.

    atb well done f.

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    It's very hit and miss with calling at least for me anyway. Some just stop and look while others charge in like complete head cases.

    Well done anyway, good result

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    Nice one Paul, gets the adrenaline pumping doesn't it.

    I was trying to call a buck a couple of years ago that wouldnt leave a young doe and she wasnt interested in the call either.

    After about half an hour I was about to give up when a little buck came running out of the wood and covered about 500 yards to get to me, he was just getting to a shootable position when the buck that was with the doe took off after him and chased back up the field and into the wood and returned to his origanal position with the doe .

    Slightly p***ed off with this I decided to stalk the first buck, which originally I thought wouldnt be possible but he had annoyed me that much he "had to ave it".

    It took me an hour but I got the bugger at a range of about 20 yards

    Atb Wayne

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    I get good results lads but i try and put a few things in my favour eg If you se kids try and get as close as you can to them and then call trying the kid sqeek if a doe is away getting her end away un like the Glasgow girls she will come back to see what the problem is and bring here Man back for coffee. If you see a small buck try and let him settle and call the doe getting raped call thats the one on the buttalo were you squeeze hrad and roll your thum at the end it sounds like you have done it wrong but beleieve me if a big buck is there he will come and on seeing the young buck he will come quick. There are just a few things that can be done to increase your chances.


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