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Thread: How efficient is this?

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    How efficient is this?

    I applied for a variation on my FAC and posted it on wednesday. My certificate arrived on the doormat duly varied and all present and correct on saturday morning.
    I reccon thats a turnaround of 24hrs.
    Thanks very much Tayside Police.!You must set the standard.

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    wish Northumbria police were as efficient.

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    Yea, it looks like Gwent have gone back to their old ways too!
    One month so far for a simple one for one (same calibre) so far. Quite frankly I'm starting to get more than slightly miffed with them, and they want to come and use our range, no chance!!!!!!

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    Just sitting down to write a letter of complaint to the Chief Constable of Gwent regarding the length of time they have taken to vary my certificate (simple one for one same calibre and conditions). The rifle has been waiting in the dealers for a month, I will be mighty peeved if it has gone. Not that I expect a satisfactory reply, they never answer questions asked, and letters addressed to the Chief Constable always get diverted. I really though that things had moved on in Gwent but obviously not so!

    The sooner that Gwent are absorbed into South Wales the better!

    Yes I do realise that this is an open forum, but if service is rubbish I will say so, also I will also say if service is good, which it isn't.

    Rant over!

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    You can walk into Northern's Firearms Dept and they will change it for you while you wait.

    Ive done this a couple of times now.

    If Im honest, one of those times I was told they were busy and I should go get a cuppa while I waited.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Northern, (and most Scottish constabularies I believe), are an example of how it should and can be done. If the anal paperclip shufflers down south got their act together and started working as they should - not asking for anything special, just to do the job fairly and correctly - then most of us wouldn't know what hit us.

    I've got to say that I do wonder about some of these 'well done X constabulary' or 'hats off to Y Police Force' postings - when they're only doing what we pay them to do, and in most cases it's not good value for money. Rant over.

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    Personally, I don't think we're too badly done by here in Strathclyde, but I've heard some tales. Northern seems great though. A pal of mine was working in Kuwait and his FAC and SG certs were due to run out before his extended contract let him come home, Inverness Police suggested (yes,they suggested) that his wife (still living here, but never held a cert before) should just pop in applications for herself, to cover till he got home. She did and it all went like clockwork, nae probs.

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