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    New Stalker

    Hello all,

    Done loadsa rough and game shooting over past 15 years and had a .22 rimfire for 10 years which I have really enjoyed on rabbits.

    Then as time moves along and the first child then the second appear I have become far more time poor, resulting in no more dogs and hand picked shooting days. No more beating, picking up and generaly having the rip. (just seems work, work and more work)

    So I have meade the long awaited move into stalking, I have completed my DSC 1 and booked 2 days roe stalking and 1 weekend on muntjac .

    My variation is due back next week for a 6.5x55, any advice will be welcome!!

    Cheers Kelv

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    welcome in, who have you booked the stalking with.
    hope this site fulfils your expectations mate.


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