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Thread: First buck of the season?

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    First buck of the season?

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ID:	2059Could this be the first buck of the fallow season? 5:50am
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    nice beast mate, sure on of the lads will top your time though.
    looks mint condition, was he heavy.


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    Havn,t weighed him yet, he was in very good condition with good fat stores around the kidneys.


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    Oh bloody hell it's August....... well done Musty

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    That's a nice buck, well done.

    My morning didn't quite go to plan.
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    That'll teach me to check my seats before the start of the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by musty View Post
    oohps, were you in it?
    No, I found it like that at 4:30

    There were a few cattle in the field over the summer, they've given it a bit of a hard time even been chewing on the ropes and straps.

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    Nice beast! What was his larder weight??


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    not weight him yet, but he felt pretty heavy when i was dragging him across the field at 6:30 his morning.


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    Nice Buck..

    My Buck was a little more interesting.. I was out to the corn field they have been marauding through and the big melanistic buck I saw on Thursday eve was there also. So I sneaked around the field which has a huge hollow in it so I could get a better shot. I sat there for 2 hours and the **** would not get up. I whistled at it, still sat there. All I could see was the tops of his antlers as he moved around whilst couched up. I then started to shout at it "GET UP..YOH STAND UP", still he sat there.

    In the end I got so fed up with him that I dialled up the scope and could just see the back of his head. I dialled the height on my scope to 1.5 to account for 150m, then took the shot. Dead on, back of the head right between the ears. Two other bucks got up out the corn and ran to where he was, took one look and ran.

    And my was he big. Weighed in at 60Kg undressed. He was full of fat..not surprised as he had been feeding on the spring oats.

    Sighting time was 5:15. Cull was 7:30!

    Happy Stag/Buck season all.

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